Scaling blockchains – instant transactions with Lightning

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19:00 Networking, Pizza & Beer

19:15 Talk: Scaling blockchains – instant transactions with Lightning
Scaling blockchains has been and still is a topic of hot debate in the blockchain community in the last years. Proposed solutions include on-chain scaling as well as 2nd layer solutions. The lightning network has established itself as the preferred scaling solution for Bitcoin and Litecoin, and some other blockchains are working on integrating similar protocols.
The lightning network enables users of the network to make instant and nearly fee-less transactions and has been touted to solve the scaling issue of bitcoin. So how exactly does the lightning network operate and why does it scale better than other solutions?

Matthias Fasching (
Studied life sciences, started working in data analytics and algorithm development, made my hobby software development my job.

My interests in software technology range from crypto-currencies and blockchain to large-scale backend solutions and software security.

Beer & Discussion

Discuss what you saw and exchange your personal experiences with others! If enough of us are willing to continue this at a local bar, this evening can get long!

The talk will be held in english. Questions in german and english are possible.