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Blockchain Unchained Meetup | Zug
Dear Cryptoenthusiasts and Blockchain buddies! Blockchain Unchained is back on track towards the end of the year with a swiss christmas roadshow. Come and join us to hear some exciting speeches from international Blockchain experts and projects, to take a look back at the crypto year 2018 and to have a relaxed christmas apéro afterwards. The entire theme is based around “EDUTAINMENT”. You will be EDUCATED by some of the top blockchain experts but we also focus on ENTERTAINMENT to make sure you have fun during our events. Everything will be free of charge for all attendees. We will add more details as we go on and will have a 150 people cap so make sure to already lock in the date! Stay TUNED Crypto Enthusiasts, see you soon in beautiful Zug!

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We have all heard about FinTech, Bitcoin, and Blockchain. But what will be the future of investing? How can we benefit from this technology and new trends today?

Let's unite to create our own future and leverage our skills and network to reshape the new financial era. So join us to teach, learn and earn!

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