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Welcome to Züri eXpats Zunft (ZEZ) Associaton on Meetup.com, in this group our Business Professional activities are announced

We are a "Verein nach atikel 60 im Schweizer Gesetz"; an Association, with member fees to finance our activites for our members, we are a non profit organisation, (all our organisers and volunteers are getting a drink per our, or the equal amount to that). The anual basic member fee is for 2013/14 Sfr50 or €40.

Zurich expats Zunft verein Post finance altstetterstr 311 8047 Zurich

IBAN (Bei elektr. Erfassung) CH5609000000606598532 IBAN (Bei Druck auf Papier) CH56 0900 0000 6065 9853 2

We are organised as a round table/rotary club/business club. Our members network is international and local well connected(LinkedIn). The senior members help the new members to get integrated and orientated in CH, during courses and meetings at our allied companies

New in Switzerland? We are your first aid kit.

We help you get settled in Switzerland and tackle the first hurdles. We define you as a digital native, aged 25-55. You have international experience, having already lived in different countries. You are typically single and independent.

What's in it for you?

As a paid member you get reductions on course fees and more, which in price AND quality can’t be beat in Switzerland (such as certified German lessons to improve your experience of Zurich and be aware of what’s going on)

Enjoy the Swiss outdoors and sports: reductions on ski board lessons, hiking tickets, and sporting event.

Spend less on living arrangements: reduce your security deposit when renting

Be a VIP: discounts on entrance fees, VIP lounges, etc.

Pay for one group and get three: Sign up for one group and get automatic membership to two others. Plus LinkedIn and Facebook.

Züri eXpats is a Swiss association according to paragraph 60 of the Swiss civil code, and due to our statutes you become a member by joining. A membership fee is assessed after a free trial period (please request a copy of our regulations).

For all who made it till here – thank you for reading. Please get to know your peer members and integrate in this wonderful expat ecosystem of Zurich and its region.

Who are YOU anyway?

You are probably a needed Ausländer in Switzerland, whose productivity helps the Swiss economy maintain its high international standards. Here’s why;


The Swiss economy needs qualified human resources to keep the wheels turning to keep wealth and health at a sustainable level;


There is a shortage of human resources; intellectual capital is needed and without expats the economy would collapse;


There are simply not enough Swiss available to do all available highly skilled jobs, or who could be trained to do so in the future;


Head hunters search globally for highly skilled international professionals, providing this expertise to Zurich and its region in service to Swiss society.

"the expat life cycle."

First phase of the expat life cycle


Residence permits/visas: regulations for EU- and Non-EU-citizens, differences between permits and an explanation of Swiss immigration rules;


Apartments, housing: better ways to find accommodations, and how to apply for them; what to do in the event of defects, noise disturbance, and disputes with neighbors;


Finance / banking: how to manage your money in the Swiss banking system;


Health / insurance systems: how insurance works in Switzerland, from health to other kinds of insurance; what are the available choices.

Second phase of the expat life cycle


Taxes / “1st-2nd-3rd-Säule” insurance system: how the Swiss residence permit system works in Switzerland (A, B, C) and what the available choices are. How does the tax system work here and what about my pension? What do I need to know to start a business?


German courses: from basic to advanced, from general to sector-related German classes: how to find a course that fits your needs;


Finance: how to manage your money in the Swiss banking system;


Getting rid of stuff: throwing out rubbish costs money here; how this works in Switzerland and what are the available choices.

Third phase of the expat life cycle


Swiss integration on a higher level: take weekend courses in the Swiss alps on management from top Swiss educators;


Swiss housing rules: what did I do wrong now? Get informed about the rules of the house;


Education for the children: international or local? What are the possibilities for the future? Bilingual or international school? What about a boarding school?


Import your car: There a few things to look into before you do this. Please contact us; we can help you with tips before mistakes are made.

Fourth phase of the expat life cycle


Obtain a Swiss driver's license: Getting a driver's license is straightforward, yet there are a few things to know beforehand, so please contact us. We can help avoid mistakes;


Business networking: get to meet and know like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs in Zurich;


Integrate and become a Swiss citizen: we can help you to prepare, and we provide all the details and steps to support your choices.

Or you leave again for your next assignment because of a better offer. Another expat life cycle begins. Our group is mainly build around the expats that stayed, but see no ad on to become SWISS citizen by ID but feel SWISS citizen by their efforts they gave to the SWISS society

What the Zuri eXpats Meetup Group does for YOU


We use many social media channels to spread our message, such as: LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Zurich-Expats-2012-Event-4366880?gid=4366880&mostPopular=&trk=tyah), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zurich-Expats-2012-Event/193085177472723), and Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Zuri-eXpats/).

Züri eXpats was formed to address this ongoing challenge. As reported by Rundschau on Swiss channel SF1 on February 26, 2013, we have a positive impact and work with the authorities to build better relationships and trust.

Our experiences were profiled in the hit play Expats (2013) at Neumarkt theater.

We help you to help yourself, and we change perceptions about expats.

Looking to the end of 2013 and beyond, what types of events shall we focus on?

This past year we organized a variety of professional, social, and cultural meetups, also planning numerous social gatherings around international highlights in Zurich. We organise per ani over 240 events in and around Zurich, and all over Switzerland.

Our highly qualified fellow Züri eXpats members help us

We do a lot with our four Meetup groups: Züri eXpats City Life Network, Züri eXpats Business Professionals, Züri eXpats Hike & Outdoor Sandbox, and Zurich Movie Fans. Altogether we have over 3000 highly educated members that contribute to 60% of the economic output of the Canton of Zurich.

Züri eXpats also participates in social and semi-political events that help spread awareness and promote integration of expats in Zurich (http://www.integration.zh.ch/internet/justiz_inneres/integration/de/home.html). We contribute positively to the Swiss lifestyle as well, and work in cooperation with our partners in the integration offices at both the city and cantonal level.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events, to attend and contribute to the experience…whether you are Swiss or an Ausländer.

We NEED YOU; as a volunteer/sponsor

But first you try out our FREE events

We’ve set ambitious goals to organize more activities & VIP venues for our members this year. It is our intention to have a full range of events throughout the week that cater to everyone's interests.

To accomplish this we need support, so if you become a volunteer and help us organize up to five events, you will become a Premium Member for the year, and be invited to be a member of ALL FOUR Züri eXpat groups. If you are too busy then you can support us with €40 per annum as a member of all four groups. We need your support for the activities, so please sign up as volunteer today and don’t forget to RSVP for tonight’s event.

We have an international staff of energetic and enthusiastic volunteers that will make you feel welcome at ALL of our events.


John Wubbe & Ashok Rugwani

President of Züri eXpats

For those interested in organizing, or would like further information, please call 079 946 38 43 or jpmwubbe@gmail.com. You can contact me for advice, ideas, or suggestions.

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