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This Class design for everyone!

I spent many years researching on the effects of movement practice and the benefits on the art of healing.

Dance or movement class helps us to feel connected.

It is about embody your expressions, feelings and emotions .

This group is for people who are very aware about the fact that, the less they resist on engage their body and soul into a movement practice the more integrate and happy they feel in their life.

I started this group because i want to share a passion. I believe dance can heal.

I am looking forward to explore, dance , laugh , transform, connect with you. This group is for everyone, no experience in dance is need. We will explore movement vocabulary together with energetic exercises.

i am very excited to to meet you at the dance floor.

Gisela Rocha


«Dance with me»- ist mehr als nur Bewegung. Eine aufregende Reise zu Dir selbst, begleitet von einer überaus kompetenten und liebenswerten Gisela Rocha. Raus aus dem Kopf, hinein in Bauch, Gefühl und Intuition. Bravo! Kann ich nur wärmstens empfehlen. Ralph Eismann Coach & Trainer ( (

"In a period when Apps are basically dictating how we should connect with each other, a group like Gisela’s comes to bring hope that it is still possible to find a safe environment where we can enjoy each other’s company with complete freedom to express our true nature with pure joy and love like children can do so well. On top of that the experience of physical expression has been a healing and liberating experience. And in the center of that space we have the gifted Gisela holding the space like a big heart. This is a place of experiencing senses like I always dreamt of and with a group willing to get together in this fantastic journey into building trust in the human kind again." Antonio Alexandre

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