HUG #3: Introduction to Nomad and Terraforming deployments

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Prime Tower

Hardstrasse 201 · Zürich

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Hi everyone,
it's our pleasure to introduce the agenda for the third Zurich HashiCorp User Group Meetup event.

18:00 - 18:15: Registration (Prime Tower reception) and networking

18:15 - 18:30: Host's/Organizer's welcome messages

18:30 - 19:00: Introduction to Nomad
Dani Tomlinson, Software Engineer at HashiCorp (Nomad team)

Nomad is a job scheduler and cluster orchestrator that is designed for
reliability and operational simplcity. Whether you're just getting started,
or you want to run applications across multiple regions and providers, Nomad can grow with you to any scale.
In this talk, we'll cover the basics of what Nomad is, and how it works, before diving in to a few real world demos.

19:00 - 19:30: Terraforming AWS deployments
by Dino Bektas, MSc, Cloud Engineer at Amanox Solutions

Deploying and operating different workloads in a cloud environment can be challenging and time-consuming at times. In this talk, one can see how it is possible to automate the entire process starting from the account creation to a complex infrastructure build, in a matter of minutes. Emphasis will be put on different means of container orchestration inside the AWS as well as ways to inter-connect different environments.

19:30 - : Networking, snacks, drinks

Danielle Tomlinson
Software Engineer at HashiCorp
Danielle is an engineer at HashiCorp where she works on the Nomad cluster orchesterator. Previously, she was a Staff Software Engineer at CircleCI where she worked on build infrastructure and a maintainer of CocoaPods and fastlane. She has also been described as the queer who yells at clouds.

Dino Bektas
Cloud Engineer at Amanox Solutions
Dino Bektas is a Cloud Engineer, with most of his time invested in all-things AWS. He is involved in the design and planning of Concepts and Architectures followed by an integration of services and applications that are in need of an adoption to the AWS cloud environment. The DevOps principles are a strict discipline in his working environment where there is a constant search for ways and methods to improve and ease the migration of services through automation into the AWS cloud.

Special thanks to Andreas Postl/Oracle for the venue and apero sponsorship. Please check out the Code4Fun meetup if you haven't already: