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Welcome to the Meetup Hike & Outdoor Group!!!

Switzerland is a hiking paradise, with trails covering almost the whole country...but there is more to see: majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and evergreen fields, just to mention few things. Since 2007 we have been organizing many, many hikes and other outdoor activities throughout the year. In Summer we do not only hiking, but also Rafting, Canyoning, Biking, Inline Skating and Climbing (Vía Ferrata). In Winter, we concentrate on Cross Country Skiing, Sledging (Sledding), Ice Skating, Ski Touring and Snowshoeing, as well as the traditional Alpine Skiing.

We are an international group, with people coming from all over the world ranging from Australia to the Americas. Our events are designed for everyone to participate, from beginners to advanced hikers.

If you are someone seeking to get to know the hiking paradise of Switzerland, do some exercise on the weekend and to get to know some really cool people, you came to the right place.

So get up from that couch and join us to enjoy together what Switzerland has to offer in nature and beauty.

See you then!

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Mystery weekend (2 moderate hikes each day)

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Only sign up if you are committed to show up. Send me your WhatsApp number once you sign up. Moderate hike means : each day 20km with 1000m elevation gain (You need to be fit, rain and hot weather proof) You will be responsible to arrange your own accommodation once I have decided where we are going. As always you join at your own risk.

Magic Batöni and Weisstannen roundtrip, approx. 1'000m up/down, 5-6 hours, T2

You take the train 7:37h from Zürich to Sargans, arrival 8:32h. You will meet me in Sargans, from where we take the bus no. 432 together to Weisstannen, leaving 8:36h. From Weisstannen we hike up to Batöni, the so called waterfall-arena, a magic spot where 5 waterfalls meet. With luck we may see some Capricorn in the area. After enjoying this fascinating scenery we go on a round trip over Horn and later return to Weisstannen, where we may take a coffee or a beer. The bus back to Sargans is going every 2 hours. What you have to bring: good shoes, sun protection, rain protection, poles, if you have, drinks and some food for the hike. The MOST IMPORTANT: Disclaimer: The organizer is not responsible in any way for anything that can happen during the hike. Outdoor activities involve risks. Everyone joins on their own judgement and responsibility. This is not a guided tour. The less but also important: Be fair against your friends on the waiting list and do not drop of the last minute or even don’t show up without excuse. For the same reason I usually deny to bring guests. Be fair against our environment and try to take the superb swiss public transport, my tours are always designed accordingly.

Schratteflue ridge - Hängst (2091)

In the train

A panoramic ridge hike with lots of sun and views. We take the 8:04 IR train direction Luzern, change a few connections and start the hike at 9:52 at Sörenberg, Hirsegg. The hike is moderate: 16km with 1200m up and down. T3 nontechnical trails, at times rocky. The pace will be normal and the breaks generous. We finish at Sörenberg, Hirsegg. Plan to be back in Zurich at 19:56. Bring proper mountain hiking boots, layers of clothes, plenty of water, sun and rain protection, and picnic for lunch. Trekking poles are strongly recommended. As always, put a winter hat and light gloves in the backpack. If you haven't done hikes with me before, send me a quick meetup message right as you sign up to either the "going" or "waiting" list to confirm that you have read the description; your RSVP is not complete without a message. No-shows or late cancellations may not be welcome in future hikes. Disclaimer: The organizer is not responsible in any way for anything that can happen during the hike. Everyone joins on their own judgement and responsibility. This is not a guided tour. In case of bad weather, the hike may be modified or cancelled.


Zürich HB

We travel to the dam at Goschenenalpsee (bus stop Goscheneneralp, Dammagletscher) and walk up to the Bergseehutte, 2340 m and then tour the Goschenenalpsee. Easy paced walked: Distance: 12.5 km (Hiking Trail, T2) Ascent/Descent: = +970 m/-970 m Hiking Time: 5 h The Map: https://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=en&showLogin=true&bgLayer=pk&season=summer&resolution=5&E=2679883&N=1166948&logo=yes&layers=Wanderland&trackId=5973307 What do you need: Weatherproof clothes, Suncream. Hiking poles are recommended. Rendezvous 1: Blue Angel, Zurich Train Station, 7.00 (train departs 7.10). Rendezvous 2: Goschenen Train Station, on the 09.14 bus. How to get to Goscheneneralp, Dammagletscher: From Zurich HB: take the 07:10 train (platform 9, direction Milano Centrale), arriving 08.03 in Arth-Goldau. Then change to the 08.09 train (platform 5, direction Erstfeld) arriving 08.42. Then change to the 08.44 train (platform 4, direction Lugano) arriving 09.09 in Goschenen. From Goschenen we take the 411 Bus to Goscheneralp, Dammagletscher arriving 09.45. Note: The train from Zurich departs from Zug at 07.34. On the way home, we take the 17.15 finally arriving in Zurich around 20.00. From Brugg: take the 06.21 am Bus DISCLAIMER *This is not a guided tour. Instead, this is a casual meetup of individuals responsible for their actions, choices and judgment. The organizer is not responsible for any injury or other accidents that might happen during the hike. By signing up on this activity, the participants agree that the organizer will not be held responsible in any way. Although the hike is not complicated, it is each individual responsibility to ensure that they can do the hike and check out the trail. *The organizer may make a guess about snow conditions from recent experience above, but does not warrant on the accuracy of the hike's description, and is not responsible for what the weather may bring (or may have brought, snow or otherwise) *If you are unsure, do the research yourself such that you can come to your own conclusion and judgement.

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Hiking to the Stars (T4)

Zurich HB - Under the blue angel hanging from the ceiling.

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