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Welcome to the Meetup Hike & Outdoor Group!!!

Switzerland is a hiking paradise, with trails covering almost the whole country...but there is more to see: majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and evergreen fields, just to mention few things. Since 2007 we have been organizing many, many hikes and other outdoor activities throughout the year. In Summer we do not only hiking, but also Rafting, Canyoning, Biking, Inline Skating and Climbing (Vía Ferrata). In Winter, we concentrate on Cross Country Skiing, Sledging (Sledding), Ice Skating, Ski Touring and Snowshoeing, as well as the traditional Alpine Skiing.

We are an international group, with people coming from all over the world ranging from Australia to the Americas. Our events are designed for everyone to participate, from beginners to advanced hikers.

If you are someone seeking to get to know the hiking paradise of Switzerland, do some exercise on the weekend and to get to know some really cool people, you came to the right place.

So get up from that couch and join us to enjoy together what Switzerland has to offer in nature and beauty.

See you then!

The organizer team

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Indoor Climbing Griffig

Benötigt einen Veranstaltungsort

Only for ppl who know how to belay safely.

Due to the Bad Weather, I suggest some indoor climbing this weekend.

Meet in the train first car in driving direction S15 10:09 from zurich HB to Uster.

If you have, bring a 40m rope.

Rega Center Visit (closed for rsvp)

Benötigt einen Veranstaltungsort


We'll visit the rega center in zurich airport.

The tour is free of charge. However people who I don't know need to twint me 20CHF. You will get the money back when you show up. Any leftover money will be donated to REGA. So if I don't know you well, you need to make sure you have personal messages enabled or send me a message first.


Meet 17:14 in the S2 from HB (first car in driving direction) or alternatively 17:35 at the bus stop rega

I assume we can have the tour in english, though i will ask and make sure when they confirm my booking

Hardergrat Extreme T5 II 30k/3k+


WARNING: You need to be in absolute best shape of your life. It's an extremely long hike and we'll go very fast. It is also technical in some places. We won't leave anyone on technical sections. However on normal red marked trail you might be left if you are too slow. You need to be able to find your own way down if that happens.

If you're still here, welcome to this years edition of Hardergrat. We'll try a slightly different route form last year. Leaving from Glaubenbielen pass and doing Schafnase + Rossflue. Then, eventually join the normal route. Going all the way to Harderkulm.

We'll take the 6:35 train to Glaubenbielen Parkplatz. First car in driving direction.

Cablecars in Harderkulm go until very late.

Enjoy training.

Via Alta Verzasca T6 4000m up and down 2days


WARNING: This is a T6 hike. You should have done a large number of T5 hikes before considering signing up for this. If I don't know you, please send me your phone number and I will call you to discuss joining the tour. If you don't send me your number within 3days of signing up, you will be removed from the list.


First day (2500m up/1000m down)
From Lavertezzo to Bocchetta di Rierna. Then along the ridge to Cap Efra. For an additional 100m altitude you can swim in the lake Efra.

Day 2 (1500m up/3000m down)
From Cap Efra. Along the VAV down to Chironico. The Crux is on the descent from Madom Gröss.


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