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Zurich Legal Tech Meetup
Zurich Legal Tech Meetup
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Pfingstweidstrass 16 · Zürich

Wie du uns findest

Pfingstweidstrasse 16, S-Bahn Hardbrücke / Tram 4 Technopark (the entry is located behind Lilly Jo café)

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-- UPDATE --

NEW LOCATION: Our usual host is not available due to unforeseen construction works. The event will now take place at Kulturpark (Pfingstweidstrasse 16).

IMPORTANT: The room at Kulturpark is not free of charge, so we will be charging a ticket to participants amounting to:
- CHF 20.- for non SLTA members
- CHF 10.- for SLTA members

The fee will be collected at the door.


In recent years, the legal marketplace has seen start-ups and legal service providers looking to challenge the long-standing, traditional business models offered by lawyers to their clients.

Traditionally, clients looked to their law firms to provide a full range of legal and legal-related services, i.e., to handle every aspect of a matter, even including those activities that did not involve the direct provision of legal services.

Today, by contrast, consumers in need of legal services find themselves the beneficiaries of a new and growing number of non-traditional service providers that are changing the way legal work is being provided and invoiced.

Not all alternative legal services are delivered by a truly alternative legal service provider. Law firms themselves have also gotten into the business of delivering alternative legal service models, typically through affiliate operations. (Founders Workbench & Goodwin Procter LLP)

Competition for clients is becoming tougher and tougher by the day. Consequently, established and new law firms have to be open to developing product innovations and to subsequently investing in alternative business models for legal services.
In her presentation, Petra Arends Paltzer will show how US and European law firms and lawyers have reacted to the challenges presented by the growing number of alternative legal service providers (ALSP’s) by finding ways to ‘commoditise’ parts of their services.

Dr. Petra Arends-Paltzer is an experienced banker and lawyer and has specialised in developing international online business campaigns for both of these service industries. For the past two years, she has researched comprehensively the challenges entrepreneurs face in today’s digital world and advises several entrepreneurs, law firms and asset managers on the interactive strategies that are available to digitally market their services.