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Hi everybody

This group was recently abandoned and I decided to jump in - "Management" simply is TOO DESPERATE IN NEED of some innovation!

So let's work on that.

I have some ideas about the future design of this group. Here they are, please tell me what you think and what resonates with you:

• no fixed schedule (mine does not allow for this), but 4 - 10 meetings per year
(please post/mail what number you prefer)

• not just "let's meet and see what is there", but rather organizing every Meetup around a specific problem or symptom of 'management going wrong' and (innovative) ideas on how to tackle that issue. If you have any issues that you would like on the agenda, please send a message / post on the forum!

• I always wonder about language at Meetups: English or German? The majority of Zurich members typically are native German speakers, though Meetup culture is English. To get an idea about the size of the fraction of this group who preferred English, please post / send a short message if you have a STRONG preferrence toward either (high) German or English. If you don't mind, you don't need tell. Allenfalls machen wir dann auf Deutsch weiter :-)

Some words about me:

I am an entrepreneur and management consultant. My main concern is helping organizations and managers to handle complexity. This ranges from assessing and developing leadership skills to change management and organizational design. Having worked a lot with (and developed some 40) Management Games, I have a crush on Gamification as one of the most powerful frameworks I know to tackle these issues.

More about me at , and . You can also find me / connect with me at LinkedIn (

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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