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This is a group dedicated to learning, spreading the knowledge of, and improving Node.js - the evented, server side javascript platform harnessing the underlying power of Google's V8 JS engine.
You should join us if you want to learn about, share experiences with, or work with Node.js and it's modules.

Regardless of whether you work in web development or on some Internet of things application. As long as it contains some Node.js code, it's something to present and discuss at a meetup of this group.

I'd like to have a first meetup somewhen between mid to end of October. As soon as some people join the group, we can have a discussion about some topics for a first talk. Surely we can also organise something earlier if there's a demand.
I assume in the beginning I'll give a short intro to Node.js for people that don't know the ecosystem yet.

I'm looking forward to learning and hacking with you.

Marc Bachmann

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