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Hi! This group is to meet up regularly to go Salsa dancing - all levels, club dancing and do other social activities. Diese Gruppe geht einfach zum Salsa tanzen und auf Konzerte / Clubs sowie anderes. Bailamos Salsa y disfrutamos de conciertos, clubes y otras actividades en Zurich. I am personally learning Cubana, but Puerto Ricana / Salsa en linea is of course possible too!

All kinds of other fun and social activities are welcome.

There are some basic principles:

- For better organization, each active member will be put on a WhatsApp Group. Organizing events, preventing noshows and communicating is so much easier with WhatsApp. Therefore, you will need to provide your WhatsApp phone number. In the group, everybody can propose activities. The numbers will only be used for this group.

- Please use a photo showing your face so that everybody has an impression with whom we are interacting.

- Every member is also an event organizer. That means you can put your own meetups on the agenda.

- No commercial activity please.

- Please notify the organizer at least 3 hours before the activity (by Whatsapp or Meetup RSVP) if you will not make it. Noshows without a notification / excuse cannot stay in the group. This is basic social behaviour.

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