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10-Day Sugar Rehab program (online)
Ditch your sugar cravings and feel in control around sugar while still enjoying sugar moderately. Join the 10-day online Sugar Rehab program to boost your energy, strengthen your immune system and kick-start weight loss. The program is available in ENGLISH and GERMAN! This month only, September 2018, you will get exclusive access to the online support forum for inspiration and support from other people, who are on the same mission as you are! You can sign up online here: https://puricious.thinkific.com/ The program consists of: 1) ebook with all the theory about how sugar impacts our health 2) workbook with step-by-step guidance on how to ditch sugar cravings 3) meal plan for super easy & quick, yet delicious, recipes 4) snack cheat sheet for inspiration for healthy snacks 5) cookbook with many yummy recipes that contain max. 5 ingredients! 6) many expert videos on the effect of sugar on our health (a.o. interview with a medical doctor, dentist, psychologist, Chinese medicine specialist, integral medicine expert, as well as inspirational stories from people who have already finished the 10-day Sugar Rehab program and share the many benefits they have experienced!) 1 teaspoon of sugar is not the issue, but the excess consumption of HIDDEN sugar is detrimental for our health! Research (and our experience with clients all around the world) found that the benefits of limiting our sugar free for 10 days are incredible! For example, weight loss, lower bad cholesterol (LDL), lower blood pressure, clearer skin, mental clarity, lower triglycerides, more energy, and better sleep are some great benefits from limiting our sugar intake (source: Dr. Lustig, University of California, 2015). We wish you all the best on your journey to SWEETER life with LESS (HIDDEN) SUGAR in it! :-) We look forward to connecting with you in the private 'Sugar Rehab' support forum, Marco and Sabine from Puricious health coaching For more info about the program, check out https://www.puricious.com/no-sugar

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Are you often craving sugar?
Do you experience energy crashes throughout the day?
Could sugar be sabotaging your weight loss?

If this sounds like you, this interactive & fun workshop is for you! We have helped our clients worldwide to ditch their sugar addiction with our effective 3-step method!

Are your ready to transform your SUGAR ADDICTION to SUGAR INDEPENDENCE?

You will still be able to enjoy sugary treats BUT in moderation and when YOU decide you want it. During this workshop, you will learn:
- Why sugar is bad for your health
- Why you have cravings & feel out of control around sugar
- How much sugar there is in our 'healthy' food & how to track your daily sugar intake
- How to get your energy back, boost your health, and kick-start your weight loss
- How to implement our proven successful 3-step formula to ditch your sugar addiction

Meet other people, who are on the same mission as you to start ditching your sugar addiction together! :-)

Bye bye sugar addiction, HELLO SUGAR INDEPENDENCE!

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