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Hi everyone, I'm moving to build a central group with more members where we can have a broader spectrum of people and more fun. So please register with http://www.meetup.com/ZURICH-COACHING/ And I will see you there. Kind regards Janey

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    Work and life can be a bit of a grind without the right balance and the right direction. Through motivation and new insights our meetups are designed to fulfill a social need as well as a financial one. If you're looking for advice in health, wealth and wisdom to get you on the right track, our invited professional speakers will be just what you need.

    Our events will be a range of workshops and talks around the key subjects that always crop up in life, like getting a new job, finding a new career, developing better relationships and structuring your life towards success. Many of us tend to let life drift from time to time, and end up seeing the world pass bye without ever really finding out what we want. By learning about other people's stories and experience, people who are facing the same challenges as you, you can start to map out a future that is one to build around rather than suffer each day.

    We would like our events to be social to draw people out of themselves and gain confidence, as well as providing the opportunity to meet new people who may be interested in your skills.

    Self promotion has become an integral part of todays world, but few are in a position top really know what this means. Having a social group based around success in all its forms is the ideal format to gain a better understanding of what life has to offer and how to go for it. Remember, your experience can help someone else just as much as theirs can help you, so get talking and get ahead.

    So if you're looking for the next step up.. or even out, this group is definitely for you.

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