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"Art is not pure aesthetics, body does not only move to perform certain rhythms, but above all to train the consciousness to harmonize with the unconscious"

Open to everyone interested in theater or in a personal research in performing arts: whoever wants to join a creative process and give it shape. Different languages and skills are welcome!

The workshops will aim at developing a practice of study to create our own strategy for acting and performing, in order to find your way to interpretation: feel comfortable on stage, enter a character, analyze a masterpiece, but also prepare your own solo or create a performance.

The body will rediscover its creative instinct and our mind will be trained to stay in contact with his instinctual nature, where our body speaks freely and does not lie.

Starting from using our body in relation to space and to others, the training will evidence how to find prompts in the resistance of bodies toward their surroundings. The word, as something necessary, will come out during training and be guided starting from breathing and going into to the possibilities and complexities related to modulation. Through guided improvisation with music we will define our body on stage, the possibility to create beyond concept and using pure movement as free association and repetition.

From the theatrical Biomechanics of Mejerchol'd to Peter Brook's theater, from Karpov to theLiving Theater creative training, from the Odin Teatret practice to the Vassiliev method, from Lecoq to the principles of Commedia dell'Arte, from music to writing improvisation, form the use of chorus and masks to the contemporary approach to playwriting

Through group improvisation and individual assignments we will explore themes coming from books and works of art, in a research that will find connections between performing solo as presentation and group choreographic ensemble as exposition. The last part of the workshop would put into practice the acquired basics giving you the chance to direct your own scenes and proposals, using previous work as grounding to a new approach to text writing, to the creation of an original theater piece

The classes will be held mostly in English with intrusions of Italiano, Español, Français, Português, العربية and much more…


there is freedom waiting for you
on the breezes of the sky
and you ask “what if i fall?”
oh but my darling
what if you fly?


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