★ aaartgames XVII: Truth/Untruth Beauty/Unbeauty ★ transmediale Vorspiel 2018

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Bürknerstraße 12, 12047 · Berlin

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Computer generated imagery permeates our every day lives, both as unrecognizably interlaced with our realities and as visible grotesques of these.

Following the theme of this year's transmediale 'face value' this edition of aaartgames aims to raise questions around creational biases in 3d software, 'ugly' videogames, seamless technology and acid cgi. starting from Alan Warburton's (in certain online circles heavily debated) thesis that the battle for truly realistic computer graphics has been won we will take a look at how computer generated imagery and systems, in their real-time and pre rendered manifestations, might call for re/evaluations and restructuring of our notions of beauty and ugliness, truth and un truth.

Welcome to the wilderness.

aaartgames is a community event for anybody and everybody interested in interactive art/games/design/technology.



- 7:30 - Doors Open

- 8:00 - Event Start!
---- Goodbye Uncanny Valley - a video essay by Alan Warburton
---- Truth/Untruth Beauty/Unbeauty - a talk by Merle Leufgen
---- Ugly - a short film by Nikita Diakur
---- Skype QnA with Nikita Diakur

- 9:00 - socialising + draaanks


Absolutely everybody is welcome, all levels of experience and all walks of life!!! - So long as you RSVP ;^)


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