Autonomous Driving Meetup #11

Autonomous Driving
Autonomous Driving
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BMW IT-Zentrum (ITZ)

Bremer Str. 6 · München

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conference room Dingolfing, 2nd floor, MN06

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BMW is hosting for the 11th Autonomous Driving Meetup! It will take place in BMW IT Zentrum, conference room Dingolfing, 2nd floor, MN06.
Please read the important information below!

_ Welcome & Intro from BMW

_ Session 1: Enabling Data Driven Development of Autonomous Driving
Dr. Miha Pelko, BMW

_ Dinner Break

_ Session 2: An end-to-end approach for mastering rising software complexity
Stefan Pruisken, Elektrobit

_ Session 3: Thinci Graph Stream Processing - The next generation of processing for highly efficient ML/DL applications
Shawn Holiday, Thinci

_ Socializing

___ Further Details ___

_ The talks are all held in english and will take ~30 minutes each, incl. QA
_ Exact time slots for the presentations may be adapted

!! IMPORTANT !! !! BMW Company Security requested the following !!
* Prepare upfront your full name, company and date of birth to the organizers; we have to send the list to Security till Tuesday Sept 17th 12:00pm
* Bring and show your driving license or health card to BMW Company Security to get entrance; ID card will not work