Berlin AWS Group Meetup - kindly sponsored by demicon GmbH

Berlin AWS User Group
Berlin AWS User Group
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Friedrichstraße 68 · Berlin

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demicon GmbH @Mindspace, entrance from Mohrenstrasse. Event space in 7th floor (non-public elevator -> please be on time, cause Mindspace has to "send you up" ;-) ).

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18:00 - Arrival, networking

18:30 - "Up and running in no time: Atlassian Enterprise tools on AWS"

Speaker: Dennis Knutti, demicon GmbH
Abstract: How to bring up your Atlassian Toolchain on AWS with Cloudformation Templates and AWS Quick Starts
Level: 200

19:00 - "Serverless Websocket APIs with Lambda & API Gateway"

Speaker: Leo Lindhorst, Saxonia Systems AG
Abstract: WebSockets provide a way to asynchronously publish events from the backend to Web-based clients, which is an important capability when combining Web Apps with event-driven backend architectures. But when building a completely Serverless backend it was a challenge for a long time to support long-living and stateful connections with short-living, event-driven Lambda Functions. Since re:invent 2018 AWS offers the possibility of building Lambda-backed WebSocket APIs using AWS API Gateway, which provide an easy solution for this problem. This talk gives an introduction to WebSockets and API Gateway WebSocket APIs and show how to get started with this powerful tool.
Level: 200