B2B Berlin September 2019

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Hallo B2B Berliners,

It's a new month and you know what that means; a new B2B Berlin!

Every month we arrange a lineup of founders and industry experts to discuss B2B startups and the biggest pressing matters in the industry.

If you're looking for an event to see yet another food delivery or music streaming app pitch how they're disrupting an industry, then we're not it. But if you're looking to see some of the most exciting applications of B2B technology and learn about the lessons of how others have grown their businesses, then you're in the right place!

This month, we'll be partnering with Deutsche Bahn in their Mindspace venue at Jannowitzbrücke for an awesome summer event in their office, complete with an open courtyard and free drinks and snacks

We're always looking for interesting companies to speak at future events so if you have what you think it takes to make a great pitch, then please apply by filling out the form here: http://bit.ly/2HgFz0t


Maciej Mazurek is the co-owner of Bee Talents/ During last 4 years he has gone all the way from Mid Tech Recruiter at two-person agency to co-owner and CRO at the company with 30 people on board (while you are reading this bio, this number is probably much higher). All that at Bee Talents. For a long while he had been recruiting in tech for clients all over the world (e.g. USA, Japan, Germany, UK).

Manuel is a co-founder of nexoya - a startup with a focus on data analysis & artificial intelligence. With nexoya, he has set the goal of simplifying data-driven marketing decisions. Manuel worked for many years as an entrepreneur in the fields of business applications, software development and integration. Prior to nexoya, he held a leading position in the IT cloud at Swisscom

Damir Zambelli is the Senior Business Development Manager at Navigine
Navigine is a global provider of integrated positioning mobile technologies that enable advanced indoor navigation and proximity solutions with over 1000+ client installations worldwide and over 30 public mobile and web applications.

Join us!

Greg, Anthony, Karan, and Ian (Team B2B Berlin)