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We have renamed our meetup to reflect a more casual approach to wine & wine tasting & food pairing by adding additional & unique wine activities. Events include Wine Tours. Wine & Art Tours & the unique concept of Wine & Nature Adventure Outings. (Wine/Bike trips, Wine Kayak Outings, Foodie/Wine & Nature Outings.)


Occasionally we will invite vintners to offer their insights about their own experience in the wine industry while pouring their wines. And we invite wine drinkers to share in these discussions, treks, and tastings. Come join in the exploration.


TOM Bold aka: Koma Nahoa (Hawaiian Name)

Please note: Tom Merle is still our Wine Guru.

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Valley of the Moon Sonoma historical haunted Cemetery Wine Hike !

Details Docents take people on haunting walks in the downtown Historic area . I went once, but saw no ghosts. So I couldn't call Ghost Busters ! We start from the parking lot & go along a creek trail & gradually go up to about 5-600 ft.. The views overlooking Sonoma & The Valley of the Moon are beautiful. I'll take you thru some unique off trail locations to see the back side of the valley. I have added some new trails to this hike to make it a little bit longer & to see some added nature & viewing experiences. This is a good event for photos. Great viewing of the "Valley of the Moon " But this is an easy hike. Between both valleys are unusual rock formations & an old quarry where much of the rock was used in valley projects many years ago. There are some rock open tunnel areas to pass thru. Then another ledge view of the East side vineyards. Out trek back takes us thru the old cemetery where General Vallejo & his wife are entombed. Also are other famous wine dignitaries . *** The only person from the Revolutionary war to be buried in California is in this cemetery. This very old cemetery has much history behind it. We should finish our hike by 3:30pm. At this time we have a few options. We can walk into the Downtown Square & I;ll have wine passes for any who wish to do some wine & barrel tasting. We can also stop at the Cheese factory. Then we can decide where some of us would like to have an early dinner. **It is always fun, as you will have made some great new friends by this time. It was a real super fun group in Oct. Halloween week. NOTE: Wear good hiking shoes. , etc. This hike is great for photo buffs. This a somewhat quirky & unique hike. Rated : Easy Included: Wine, water, juice, tea, latte's, energy & protein drinks, snacks, parking fees, cheese/crackers, etc. Gourmet Fruit & Nut packs, Trail bars, Wine Country Sodas (non alcoholic) hiking poles, gloves, hats, coats, sweatshirts etc. available if you need them. Donation: $30 Chk or $$. You also may use chase.com/zelle, or Paypal (use friends & family option only)[masked] EM: [masked] This is a very cool & fun outing. My Phone # is posted above. ***NOTE: Meet in the Train Depot lot at the east end by the restrooms & Trains. Note Again: We will not have lunch on the trails. I'll have all my great food & snacks & wine & drinks for all at a rest stop . The optional wine tasting will commence after the hike 3:30-45 pm. Then our fun yummy & fun Dinner option starts at 5:00 pm. Always a fun event. Come as a stranger & leave as friends. !!! AKA: A new meetup family ! Carpooling is best. see you there ! Also I would RSVP on a desktop comp. so you won't miss important info. And print the page for Ref. The Meetup phone app is not always complete ?

The unique "Sensory Overload" Wine , Art, Nature & Cultural Experience !

di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art

What we'll do Aloha Wahines & Kanes. That's ladies & gentlemen in Hawaiian. We will meet in the parking lot of DiRosa. Itinerary: NOTE: We will fill cars from here & go first to Quarry Hill Botanical Gardens. Then return by 1:00m pm for our Tour time . 1. Di Rosa is a large but well hidden property between Napa & Sonoma. It has several museums & galleries that hold the largest bay area artist 's collections. Much art, structures, moving pieces, & many unique exhibits to think about & view. The main gallery is nestled on the far end of Winery lake. The gatehouse gallery is where we will meet. It is also on the beautiful Winery lake. We will be toured by knowledgeable Docents. From the Gatehouse gallery we will take a Tram up to the Rene Di Rosa home & other galleries. This is an indoor & outdoor tour. ***Please wear good walking shoes. 2. Our first location stop will be to another seldom seen or known location in Glen Ellen. This is where the Quarry Hill Asian gardens are located. After our wine picnic in the vineyards, we will tour this exotic piece of paradise. It contains lakes, ponds, a quarry, creeks, exotic & endangered species of plants & trees from all over Asia. **NOTE: There is some up & down trail & garden walking, so please wear good shoes. 3. Our 3rd stop after our visit to DiRosa brings us to the Sunset/Cornerstone gardens. It is an ever growing place with cafes, unique shops, wine tasting areas & eclectic indoor & outdoor gardens with unique art structures & more. 4. If you still have some energy left, our final stop takes us to a special & very interesting winery. It is a destination all by itself. If you are tired of wine; just check out the amazing grounds . See the Mud Sharks, The Adobe House(made of clay & Straw) The gardens, The museum, , The Romanesque Fountain ponds, The huge Eucalyptus trees & the hidden train for your special event. If you wimp out before the day is over; that's ok. Our after event dinner option is still available. NOTE: Bring a lunch. I will have personal wine varietals for our picnic lunch & other drinks & snacks to keep you going. All entry fees, touring, wine, etc are included. We will caravan from Di Rosa & I'll have maps for driving to the locations. I can accommodate three people in my car. Meetup donation: a mere $ $59. Use paypal (Friends & family option only) or Chase.com/zelle or $ or chk. upon arrival. **********I must have an accurate head count for this event. So if you RSVP; you are expected to show up or prepay. **This is very important . Thank you. EM: [masked][masked] *Always bring a jacket & good walking shoes. Please use a desktop comp. when you RSVP & print up the page for ref. with your phone app.(Or you may miss important info) Aloha. Indie Tom

A unique way to explore the wonders of the Big Island of Hawaii !

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What we'll do Aloha Meetup Adventurers !! Indie Tom here will take you to where my Heart lives ! The Awesome Big Island. This great Island has 11 major world climates. We will have room for 10-11 people. Using a new Hide away private luxury Hawaiian style home in the high country overlooking the ocean. And very close to the airport. In the past; all guests went wild over the cool Lava rock walled "Jungle Showers" attached, but outside on all corners of the home. The daily itinerary will change . This is not a sit on the beach & sip a mai-tai trip. But there will be relaxing & shopping time allotted. ***NOTE: A couple will have a private room. Some rooms will have multiple beds, etc. Plus other options. The itinerary will include most or all of the following: Note: We will have a private chef staying with us. The gourmet meals will keep you guessing ; what's for tomorrow. I make all the tropical drinks. Airport pickups, First day: Arrival Pu Pu's & Tropical drinks. Beautiful welcoming sunset, lagoon & Sea Turtle walk, wade & photo session. DAY TWO: Breakfast, personal supplies store trip for the week. Visit to Jungle Cloud Forest 4000 ft. Coffee Plantation tour. Lunch. South of Kona half day exploration to lava water pools & Elevator pool & snorkel option. This is near the Historic "City of Refuge" Sacred Hawaiian Grounds. Dinner follows after another glorious sunset ! DAY THREE: Lava tube explorations, Dazzling white sand beach snorkeling & Body Boarding fun. It's a beach with four different shades of blue,(eat your heart out Maui) . Then on to the Awesome & other worldly Mauna Kea Volcano. This experience may well be one of your most spectacular moments, as we view a stunning Hawaiian sunset from 14,000 Ft. Bring gloves for possible snowballs. DAY FOUR: Day trip to see another special wonder of this Big Island Adventure paradise ! "Waipio Valley" (Valley of the Kings") It is one mile deep & 6 miles inland from the Black Sand Beach . A swift river runs from the jungle valley to the beach & ocean. The valley has 1500 ft. high waterfalls. This is where the movie "Waterworld" with Kevin Costner was filmed. Yes; there are wild horses running in the jungle & on the beach ! (bring hiking water sandals) DAY FIVE: " Water Safari" ! To a beautiful ocean beach hike to a magnificent two color salt & fresh water lagoon. We will cross Lagoon on Safari. Fish & Giant Sea Turtles to view up close. Snorkeling & exploring the Peninsula/island. Plus a fresh water underground Queen's Bath & lava tube to swim in & explore. DAY SIX: The knock your hiking shoes off " Mauna Ulu" Volcano Caldera treks". Stunning photo opportunities await the explorer. Hot deep steam vents. Sulfur vents; Spectacular & twisted Lava tubes; The unique Lava Tree Park; old & recent lava flows & more. If time permits we may have our wine picnic at the only Winery on the island. At a beautiful setting below Mauna Loa Volcano. DAY Seven: This is an option day as we may hike or truck to the famous Green Sand Beach, or to the Po' Olu'u Lookout & Black sand beach, or visit Historic locations , etc. Day Eight : Oh NOoo ! We have to leave already. I recommend leaving on a later flight if possible; so you don't waste an entire day traveling. United & other airlines have "Red Eye" flights that I usually take. Yes, There's more. We can;'t see everything, but we will see a lot. Must have energy. You will love this !!!! Cost p.p. [masked] . Deposit of[masked] . Send to T. Bold 2471 Solano ave. # 112 Napa, CA 94558 Or use Chase.com/zelle [masked] or pay pal. (friends & family pay option only) Getting Venmo asap. What to bring list coming. NOTE: Look for cheaper air fares from Alaska air , Hawaiian , & now South west is going to Hawaii.( very cheap) More info & photos soon. What to bring list, etc. [masked] EM: [masked] Indie Tom

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