Thursday project night: jobs-to-be-done by Thomas Herr

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This meet up will be driven by Thomas Herr, Entrepreneur and Lean Startup Coach from Berlin.

The talk will be in english and accessible on-line using periscope. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter. We will post the link in our social networks including meetup.

Bedndesk will give a three-day pass to all attendees for the coworking.

It will be an informal talk where Thomas Herr will present an introduction and practical use of Jobs-to-be-done, a powerful approach for:

• getting deep customer and user insights

• improving existing products and services

• finding new business opportunities and niches

• developing new products and services

• simplifying your marketing communication

Jobs-to-be-done is useful for everybody who has products, services and contact with user, customer and clients.

Meetup Agenda:

19:30-19:45 Welcome/Check-in

19:45-20:30 Jobs-to-be-done by Thomas Herr

20:30-21:00 Beers, chat and visit bedndesk installations

If anyone wants to continue we can order some pizzas and keep talking!