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This group is all about meeting fellow gaming-enthusiasts and having a fun, laid back time over your favorite board games! I hope that this group enables you to meet new people from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds, as well as learn new games and teach others your favorite games!

I hope to see you soon!

You also find us on discord, an awesome site to quickly connect to our community :D


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Cookies & Boardgames #03 - Saturday Dinner Edition

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Saturday, 18.01, 3pm Charlottenburg, Neue Kantstr. 22, 7th floor, ring at 'Günther' Lets play and enjoy cookies 🙂 I offer room for 4 gaming tables. My games collection is here: https://bit.ly/2JPLKYg Bring games you want to play too. About food: Cookies will be provided, but feel free to bring other snacks along. Later in the evening, I will provide bread, cheese and veggies. Looking forward to a great time with you 🙂

Board Games in Kreuzberg (Spieltreff im Nachbarschaftshaus Urban)

Urbanstraße 21

2,00 €

We play every Sunday any kind of board and card games. It doesn't matter if you are casual or core player. The main thing is to meet and have fun. Usually we are from 10-30 players. Most of the regular players speak german and english, some russian and french. They are willing to explain games in this languages. Bring your own game or choose one of about 130 games we have on site. You want to play a certain game you don't own, then ask Björn ([masked]) if he can bring it. Bring your own game or choose one of about 130 games we have on site. We start at 4pm. You are late? No problem. People come and go, so you can join when ever you want. You find us on the second floor of the Nachbarschaftshaus Urban. Sometimes the front door is locked, then please call Björn[masked]. Donation of 2€ is desirable. There will be snacks and soft drinks for little money as well. Try our discord channel to chat and find other players. https://discord.gg/dCXGmy2

Sunday Afternoon Boardgames (Top Floor) in Friedrichshain

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Welcome to the weekly Sunday afternoon boardgame meetup at the Castle in Frankfurter Tor. You will find us either at the top floor or at the tables outside. Info: The bar is located very close to U-Bahnhof Frankfurter Tor. What if I come late? We continously start the games all the time. No worries. There will be places free. What if I am new to boardgames? No worries. We usually explain the games beforehand and play a variety of games. Regulars are quite helpful in any questions. Just come and try it out! People usually bring a lot of games. You are welcome to bring your own. As a general rule, English is the preferred language. Depending on the game, games in german are fine. The crowd tends to be more international so English tends to be the lingua franca. Try our discord channel to chat and find other players. https://discord.gg/69eS2JW

Monday is Funday


Monday is Funday! From now on the time of boring Mondays is over. You are welcome to join us from 7 pm till 11 pm on every (!) Monday to play various boardgames. You will always meet nice people with the same interests for boardgames. You might bring your favourite games as well. So come over and have fun. We are looking forward to meet you! Try our discord channel to chat and find other players. https://discord.gg/f9Y3t4m

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