Chase your creative dream! (Free, w/ Urban Sports Club, Beatport, more)

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Update: we've changed the location to have a little more space for everyone! Piccolo Giardino Berlin, Rosenthaler Str. 36, in the middle of the beautiful Rosenhofe

• What it is:

An "ask me anything" session with some of our favourite friendly creatives, folks who are driven, talented, and lucky enough to be able to pay the bills using their creative skills.

This meetup is free and open to anyone who wants to do more creative work, and learn about how to turn creative passion in to paying jobs! Grab a drink, sit down with someone who knows what it takes to make it as a creative professional, and ask anything you want to know.

• Why you should come:

Wouldn't it be awesome to get paid to do something you love, every single day? Wouldn't it be great to get paid to do something you would gladly (and probably already do) for free? If you have a creative passion, you must dream of one day paying the bills with your creative skills. And as always, we believe the best way to find out how is to ask someone who is doing it!

Here are some things you might like to ask a creative superhero:
How did you know this would be a viable career?
Were you scared when you started? Are you still scared?
Do you REALLY live off of drawing pictures/cooking/rhyming/dancing?
What goes on behind the scenes to allow you to support yourself?
What are some of the most important things to know?

This is a relaxed get together, just grab a drink, sit down at a table with one of the speakers, and ask away.

ALSO, Urban Sports Club is hiring, so come meet their team and learn about their open positions!

• Speakers:

Alice Austin
Alice studied Literature at the University of East Anglia and went on to work in marketing for six years. In chronological order she worked at a curtain company, a sofa company, a design agency, a consumer PR agency and then a voucher start-up in Berlin. Each job was worse than the last. Then in September 2017 she quit the voucher start-up and after five wobbly months started her career as a freelance writer. Now she writes the blog for Urban Sports Club, trying out activities all around Europe and interviewing sports stars. She covers music festivals and club culture around the world for Mixmag, writes about Berlin for The Culture Trip and regularly contributes mini travel essays to Babbel Magazine.

Valentin Cheli
Valentin is one of the founders of Kids creative agency, a culture and branding house here in Berlin (and a sponsor of the event!) He's a designer himself, an artist, and a creative director, and ten highly awarded years in the advertising world taught him that how you work is as important as what you work on, and he founded Kids to champion culture design and a better way of working.

Farah Syed
Born and raised in England but having lived in LA for the greater half, Farah absorbed the booming musical culture of these cities and turned her passion for electronic music and marketing/branding into a career. With diverse experience in bookings, artist management, brand endorsements and events she now holds the position of Marketing Manager at Beatport here in Berlin.

Susanna Tosi
Susanna teaches hungry people to cook intuitively and eat mindfully. She gives workshops about creative writing and recently co-founded a collaborative about the connection between herbalism, cooking and ritual practice. She embraces her creativity in all the ways it comes - through intuition, body work, sound healing, and even organizing rituals under the moonlight.

• What is Interesting Talks Berlin?

We want to spend time with our friends outside a bar or club, so every week, we gather to learn something new and exciting, somewhere in our lovely Berlin.

Topics include learning hacks, self improvement, art, pop science, even skills sessions!

Come enjoy a night out with cool, motivated people, hear interesting speakers in a relaxed environment, and learn something new, instead of just getting a hangover :)