Make new friends with like-minded ladies & gents! (21-39) (FREE Drink/Hosted)


Monterey Bar

Danziger Str. 61 · Berlin

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Area reserved for Meetup/ Anica

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Please come and join us for a social mix and mingle with like minded ladies and gentlemen at Monterey Bar. You will be welcomed by your host Anica and also be introduced to some of the other attendees. All our members also get exclusive FREE welcome drink. Join us and get started on making new connections and friendships!

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Have a look at photos from our recent meetups and see what you have been missing!

Some Important Points:-

- Our area is booked for MEETUP/Anica

- This is a meetup is for member ages between 21 to 39 who want to make new friends in a safe and comfortable environment. Please come early to chat with members. You have no excuse to miss this event..!

- FREE welcome drink for all our members

- Your host for the evening is Anica who will not only welcome you to our reserved area but also help you mix and mingle. No more nervousness, no awkward silences, no fiddling with your phone or staring into glasses. You will find yourself saying more hellos, shaking more hands and making more friends. Please come early as it is far easier to meet new people then. Please request Anica for help with introductions.

-Please be aware that about 95% of those who attend come alone and about 75% are attending for the first time. You will not be alone. We know how you may feel and so Anica will take care of you.

-Everyone attends these events to meet other members and so there is no reason to be shy or bashful. Also be aware that most people come alone. Anica is there to look after you and make you comfortable.

We have 2 meetup groups in Berlin with over 6500 members and we will be inviting members from all those groups to attend. This ensures that we always have a good number of people, with varied interests. You will meet a lot of new people. Members of other groups who RSVP are included as guests of the organiser in order to give you an idea of expected numbers.

- The age group 21/39 is an indicative guideline. You are welcome to attend if you are a few years either side of the guideline. The intent is to get like minded people together and so the age group tends to be important.

- We are not a dating group. Our events are not organised to manage your dating life. Our group is created to help ladies and gents meet other like minded ladies and gents and to make new friends. Please do not attend our event if a perfect gender balance is important for your enjoyment of our meet-up. Keep an open mind and join us to make new friends.

Event cost:

Early Bird tickets - € 5 each
Regular tickets - € 10 each
(If you do not purchase tickets in advance but want to come then please show up on the day and give € 15 cash to Anica when you meet her)

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- Dress code - Smart casual

- Guests are very welcome. Please sign them up as your pluses

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