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R is an open source programming language for statistical computing and data science - from data mining, cleaning, wrangling, exploration, machine learning, and all the way to communication. R is commonly used in both academia, in fields like computational biology and applied statistics, and in commercial areas such as healthcare, quantitative finance, geospatial applications, and business intelligence.

The language's strengths lie in its powerful built-in tools for inferential statistics, compact modeling syntax, data visualization capabilities, report generation, interactive web apps and seamless integration with persistent data stores - everything from databases to flat files. Being open-source, R enjoys continual advancements through add-on packages, thereby maintaining its relevance with the ever-evolving landscape.

R's learning curve can be intimidating, making initial strides in understanding and using R potentially daunting. To counter this, the Berlin R Users Group is committed to fostering a community of R practitioners to exchange ideas, inspire newcomers, and encourage the use of R in ground-breaking research and practical applications.

Are you interested in giving a presentation anywhere from a 5-minute lightning talk to a 60-minute lecture? There is no specific timeline yet, could be anytime in 2024. Think of this form as just raising your hand to say you'd be interested at some point: https://forms.gle/u2XiR8tXARjadrfX6

We strive for diversity and inclusivity, extending an invitation to individuals of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. We align with and support the principles outlined in the Berlin Code of Conduct and the R Consortium Code of Conduct. Please join us, irrespective of your background.