Worum es bei uns geht

Do you like to do your workout in the fresh air?
Already are familiar with bodyweight training or calisthenics?
Like to train with people and share your knowledge?
And want to improve yourself along with people who have the same goals?

Then you are at the right place here!

We are a group of calisthenics enthusiasts who want to have fun while training, learn new skills, improve ourselves, encourage eachother, share tips and enjoy socialising with similar minded individuals.

There is no class or teaching, just similar minded individuals enjoying a shared interest. Calisthenics can be quite a solitary and focused endeavour, but it doesn't always have to be.

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Early Training @ Monbijou Freeletics Park, Mitte

Monbijoustraße 3B

Let's train together. Sharing tips, progressions, and get to know others interested in calisthenics. It's advisable to have your own training plan for the session. It's outdoors, so cancellations or rescheduling may occur if the weather isn't suitable.

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Training @ Adidas Playground, Kreuzberg

Adidas Playground - Böckler Park

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