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Come join the Brave Choir if you are a brave singer or wanna become one.

We will rehearse pop songs and whatever else we find, every Wednesday night in Schöneberg

After a few rehearsals, once we learned a couple of songs we will start to go out to public places to make street music, a flashmob or spontaneous concert.

The focus lies on having fun making music together. So please don't hesitate even you feel like you are not suitable for the choir. I'm convinced and I experienced a lot of times, that everybody will eventually become a decent choir singer with enough time and commitment.

I myself graduated my studies of pop vocals on the conservatory of köln in 2013. I have many years of experience conducting choirs and are looking forward to this exciting new project.

The first rehearsal will take place on June 21st in

B&B Musikschule Schöneberg
Dominicusstraße 32,
10827 Berlin
Please note, that the number of singers is limited.

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