Worum es bei uns geht

We are currently looking for awesome organisers to make epic shit happen! Get in touch!

Breaking Berlin is an awesome community of people who enjoy breaking out of their comfort zone, taking on crazy challenges and doing hilarious and out-of-the-box activities.

We organise awesome get-togethers and social experiments such as laughing yoga in the U-Bahn, dance walks, public meditation, and other random, crazy and fun things. We tend to think outside of the box because the box is way too small and boring. We’re a group of open minded, spontaneous, young hearted and adventurous people. Laughter is guaranteed Ideas are always welcome!

The city is our playground, come out and play. 😉

💥 If you're looking for an epic weekend experience, make sure to check out EPIC LLAMA -www.epicllama.com (http://www.epicllama.com/) 🚀 Adventurous weekend trips with awesome people from your city to surprise destinations! 😜 (At the moment, these trips are for people adventures are for people ages between 20-35) 💥

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