• The Pulse Festival VIP After Party

    Slate - Restaurant, Bar and Lounge

    50,00 $

    Register online for $50 or register when you walk in for $70. For more info, visit http://pulse.coinvent.co/#party The Pulse Festival VIP after party will be taking place at Slate NYC, located only a few blocks away from the Pulse Festival venues. This is a private event with open bar drinks and food menu (http://www.slate-ny.com/menu). Everything is on the house. The after party provides excellent networking opportunities for you to reconnect with some of the best Pulse Festival attendees and organizations. * No event comments are allowed for this Meetup event. Please restrain from posting comments below. For more details, read here (http://www.meetup.com/coinvent/messages/boards/thread/48592133)

  • [Workshop] The New Frontier / New Domain Branding Opportunities by DNA

    This session is made free by our sponsor The Domain Name Association (DNA) (http://www.thedna.org/) Registration also available @ http://coinvent.co/events/dna The game of Internet branding is changing, and many companies and businesses are beginning to see the importance of new domain names in their future marketing plans. This session will outline the advantages of new domain extensions since their release from ICANN in 2013, how the industry has changed, and what it means for the future of the Internet. Speaker Monte Cahn - Co-Founder & President of Right of the Dot (http://rightofthedot.com/) Monte Cahn is Co-Founder and President of Right of the Dot, LLC, a licensed business & domain auction company, Internet consulting and advisement firm specializing in new and existing TLD strategy, Contention Resolution Services, board advisement, premium domain and market positioning, sales and services. Most recently he was Founder and former President of Moniker.com (http://moniker.com/), a Top 7 ICANN Accredited Registrar and former President of SnapNames.com (http://snapnames.com/), the leading online domain auction and expired names business on the web. Monte has been pioneering domain name and virtual property aftermarket services since 1995. During his time with Moniker.com (http://moniker.com/), Monte helped many new and existing TLD’s of all types, have successful launches through registrar promotions, sales and auctions of premium domains, as well as continued marketing and sales support for those TLD’s through various touch points through the companies he operated and partnered with. Monte has more than 24 years of experience in the healthcare, high technology and Internet fields. He started investing in domain names in 1995 and helped start the first online domain brokerage business on the Internet in 1996. Success includes participating in the sale of more than $350,000,000 in domain name sales & brokerage, including the industry’s first domain name sale for over $1 million dollars with the sale of Wallstreet.com (http://wallstreet.com/) and the industry's first $2 million dollar plus domain sale with the sale of Autos.com (http://autos.com/) in 1999. Later, he sold the highest dollar domain in history with the sale of Porn.com (http://porn.com/) for $9.5M and most recently the sale of Slots.com (http://slots.com/) for $5.5mm. He is also the visionary behind Live and online Domain Auctions. He was also the creator of WhoIs Privacy as well as domain name appraisals, for the industry. Sponsor "To promote, advance and support the common interests of the domain name industry. " www.thedna.org (http://www.thedna.org/)

  • [Workshop] The $400 Startup by Fiverr

    Metropolitan Pavilion

    This session is made free by our sponsor Fiverr (https://www.fiverr.com). Registration also available @ http://coinvent.co/events/fiverr Are you a Startup or an SMB looking to make it big, but on a tight budget? Learn how you can leverage Fiverr’s global platform to save your time and money to start really growing your business. Beyond going over how to use the platform, we'll also go through a theoretical demo on how any company can spend just $400 to set up the building blocks of its future with its own logos, webpages, and online marketing plan and much more - all in the same place and with extreme ease. Speaker Tek Kim - Local Market Strategy / Business Development of Fiverr (https://www.fiverr.com/) Tek Kim is a Business Development Manager at Fiverr and is currently running Local Market Strategy. He is also an active Angel Investor and a General Partner at O Street Ventures LLC. Prior to Fiverr and OSV, Tek was an Executive Director at CICC (China International Capital Corporation), helping expand their US business. Before CICC, he started his career in Institutional Equity Sales at Morgan Stanley. He graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business with a double major in Finance and Marketing. Sponsor Browse. Buy. Done. Fiverr® gives you instant access to millions of Gigs from people who love what they do. It’s the easiest way for individuals and businesses to get everything done, at unbeatable value. Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for creative and professional services, currently listing over 3 million Gigs in more than 100 different categories across 196 countries. Visit us https://www.fiverr.com/

  • [Workshop] Small Businesses and HyperLocal Marketing by Hello Dot NYC

    This session is made free by our sponsors .NYC (https://hellodotnyc.com/). Registration also available @ http://coinvent.co/events/demystifying The session will explore challenges faced by small businesses with hyperlocal marketing and their approach to solving them. David Hirschman from Street Fight, Nick Dellis from Weebly, Gerardo Aristizabal from HelloDotNYC and Claudio Schapsis from Georillas will comment on Social Media Marketing, the Local-Mobile Economy, and other challenges faced by small local businesses today. Recommended reads. http://streetfightmag.com/2015/10/07/report-getting-the-most-out-of-hyperlocal-social-media-marketing/ http://streetfightmag.com/2015/10/05/connecting-the-local-mobile-economy-one-step-at-a-time/ Speakers David Hirschman, Co-founder & COO of Street Fight (http://streetfightmag.com/) David has worked in online media for a decade and a half. He previously was news editor at Mediabistro, online editor at Editor & Publisher, and a reporter for Metro NY. He has also written and edited for Wired, The New York Times, Ad Age, Forbes Traveler, New York magazine and many other online and offline publications. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Claudio Schapsis - Founder of Georillas (http://georillas.com/) Claudio Schapsis is the former Chief eXperience Officer and Marketing director of Ripley’s believe it or Not, Times Square and founder of Georillas, a strategic mobile/hyper-local marketing group that works with businesses, agencies, and CMOs to implement mobile and location-based strategies into their marketing mix. His customers range from multi-local chains (i.e. Subway Argentina), multi-stores places (i.e. Grand Central Terminal), and diverse sole location businesses in different vertical. Schapsis also advises start-ups in Location Services projects, Indoor Navigation, Mapping, and others. He is a frequent speaker on mobile/location based marketing topics. He has given keynote and general session presentations at more than 20 events and institutions like Fordham, Pace, and Columbia University. Schapsis serves as member on the Board of Directors of MENG, a national organization of over 1,500 top-level marketing executives, and Creative Art Works, a non-profit that improves the lives of under-resourced kids in Upper-Manhattan through the arts. Gerardo Aristizábal - Managing Director of Hello Dot NYC (https://hellodotnyc.com/) Gerardo Aristizábal Peraza is a Serial entrepreneur, founded ELIBOM.COM (http://elibom.com/) in 2003, one of the leading companies providing A2P delivery of SMS messages in the Andean region. In 2009, founded domain registrars MY.CO (http://my.co/) and MI.COM.CO (http://mi.com.co/), to support the relaunch of the .CO domain extension. Won the rights to the .BLOG new domain extension that will launch in 2016. Supported the launches of .NYC and .MIAMI through HELLO.MIAMI and HELLODOT.NYC as local community driven registrar. Nick Dellis - VP Business Development of Weebly (http://www.weebly.com/) Nick Dellis (@Nick_Dellis (https://twitter.com/nick_dellis)) is VP of business development at Weebly, the website builder that's given over 30 million people around the world the freedom to create a beautiful website, blog or online store. Nick is a proud Australian (who moved to New York in 2004) and enjoys the challenge of taking high potential Internet companies to the next level. Lori Anne Wardi - Vice President of Registry Services of NeuStar, Inc (http://www.neustar.biz). Lori Anne Wardi is Vice President of Registry Services at Neustar, Inc., where she oversees the business development, marketing and communications initiatives for Neustar’s top-level domains (TLDs), including brand strategy for .nyc, .CO and the emerging dot-brand TLDs. Among other things, Ms. Wardi is responsible for managing the marketing and sales of .CO premium domain names, and has personally overseen the sale of nearly $8 million in .CO premium names. As the General Manager of the .nyc domain, she has also been instrumental in working with the City of New York to establish .nyc as the fastest growing city domain extension in the world. Previously, Ms. Wardi was the co-founder of .CO Internet S.A.S, the company behind the global launch and management of the .CO domain extension, which was acquired by Neustar, Inc. in 2014. Known the world over as the domain for innovators and entrepreneurs, there are currently over 1.8 million .CO domain names registered by individuals and businesses in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. In addition to running her own management consulting practice, prior to her involvement in the domain name industry, Ms. Wardi spent two years as a Manager of Professional Development at Goldman Sachs and five years practicing employment law at Proskauer in New York City. She has a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School, a Masters degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Muhlenberg College. Sponsors Get your .NYC domain name before its taken. Takes a minute and costs less than 25 USD. Own a piece of New York's digital real estate. Visit us at https://hellodotnyc.com/ The surprisingly easy way to start a high-quality site, blog or online store. http://weebly.com (http://weebly.com/) has everything you need to Start *Your* Something. * No event comments are allowed for this Meetup event. Please restrain from posting comments below. For more details, read here (http://www.meetup.com/coinvent/messages/boards/thread/48592133)

  • [Workshop] Bootstrapping Diversity by Zayo

    Metropolitan Pavilion

    This session is made free by our sponsor Zayo (http://www.zayo.com/). Registration also available @ http://coinvent.co/events/bootstapping For change to be systemic, it must involve everyone, men and women, and focus on not only “the numbers” but quality of the work environment and culture. It's what we really need to harvest the potential, innovation and financial rewards that diverse teams bring to the table. Many companies have already taken the first steps towards embracing diversity. But many of these companies are large and have seemingly endless resources, time and money, at their disposal. It's easy for large companies to throw money at diversity initiatives, but what about startups? It's important that startups too focus on growing an inclusive culture. In this session, Rachael Donaldson will discuss current research findings and the authentic, daily decisions and conversations that need to take place at startups in order to establish an inclusive culture. Speakers Rachael Donaldson Vice President of the People.Culture.Brand. team of Zayo Group (http://www.zayo.com/) Rachael Donaldson currently serves as Vice President of the People.Culture.Brand. team at Zayo Group (http://www.zayo.com/). In this role, she is responsible for cultivating talent and building a culture that inspires collaboration, diversity, innovation and creativity. She oversees the global management of Zayo’s people operations, advertising, brand, events and sponsorships, marketing, business intelligence, media, public relations and community outreach. Rachael draws on her extensive experience in consumer strategy, creative research and technology innovation to evolve the landscape of Zayo’s global brand. Throughout her career, she has helped guide some of the world’s leading brands, including Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Alibaba.com, The North Face, Luxottica and more. Prior to joining Zayo, she served as Vice President and Head of New Business at Made Movement in Boulder, CO. Rachael earned a B.A. in Communications from the University of Colorado Denver. She is a mentor at Greenhouse Scholars and is an active member of CU Women’s Council at Leeds School of Business.Rachael currently serves as a faculty member at Boulder Digital Works and sits on the Leeds School of Business Board of Alumni and Friends. https://about.me/Rachaelshaynedonaldson James Nolte Senior Vice President, Sales of Zayo Group (http://www.zayo.com/) James Nolte is based in New York City and leads a diverse team of 50+ highly talented sales and sales support professionals who are responsible for solving the bandwidth infrastructure needs of some of the largest, most sophisticated customers in the world. This tenured, high-powered team focuses on providing mission-critical bandwidth infrastructure to many of the world’s household names in the healthcare, financial services, higher education, content/media and telecommunications industries. Through which they drive roughly 40% of the overall business at Zayo. Prior to being named to his current position, James served as vice president of wholesale sales for the former AGL Networks. James has over 25 years of sales and business development experience focused in the telecommunications sector with companies like AT&T and ICG Communications. James holds an MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business in Atlanta. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesnolte Sponsor Today’s world runs on bandwidth. That’s not an observation designed to impress you. It’s a fact. There are more users, more devices and more advances in data-driven services than ever before. And what does that mean? The demand for bandwidth will continue to increase. That’s where Zayo enters the picture. Zayo's mission is simple. We accelerate capabilities for companies of all sizes. Zayo's global network provides flexible, scalable solutions for data demanding businesses. This includes high-performance connectivity, secure colocation and flexible cloud services. Learn more at http://www.zayo.com/ * No event comments are allowed for this Meetup event. Please restrain from posting comments below. For more details, read here (http://www.meetup.com/coinvent/messages/boards/thread/48592133)

  • [Workshop] Disruptive Tech Beyond Software w Non-Traditional Financing by LemPro

    This session is made free by our sponsor LemPro (http://www.lempro.net/). Registration also available @ http://coinvent.co/events/disruptive Not all Disruptive Tech needs the Internet or mobile apps; think Guttenberg’s printing press and Ford’s assembly line manufacturing. Cost advantage is King no matter how it’s achieved. Companies like LemPro are a good current example; this Agro-tech company can make protein meal for less than 10% what it costs farmers to raise the crop it replaces. It targets revolutionizing the livestock feed industry - worldwide. And you thought Uber was disruptive! Many VC firms are tightly focused and keep to narrow themes but there is other capital out there looking for return. They may be a bit harder to find but LemPro tapped into foundations and grants for its initial funding and uncovered a bit of a Diamond in the Rough. Entrepreneurs ofter overlook non-traditional financing options like these. in this panel discussion we will be sharing: • For investors: High ROI investment possibilities where others aren’t looking. • For companies: How to go after some non-traditional financing opportunities. Panelists Freddie Hebert - Outside the Box Technology · Inventor – Protein meal alternative to soybean · Founder/President/CTO of Lempro, Inc. Site: http://lempro.net (http://lempro.net/) Freddie Hebert is a hands-on, self-educated jack of all trades. His outside the box thinking allowed him to meld his backgrounds in energy production and farming to invent a livestock feed production process that is proving to be ten times more efficient than growing the soybeans he targets to replace. LemPro, Inc. is the company he founded to commercialize that concept. Darryl Baldwin - Outside the Box Finance · Start-up business development · Turn-around specialist Darryl Baldwin has parlayed his background with IBM and Ameritech to CEO of the real estate investment firm TIREC Enterprises, and now devotes much of his time to identifying and developing new breakthrough business opportunities. Darryl will discuss alternate sources of early stage financing he’s been able to exploit such as non-profit foundations and government grants. Jerry Stanton - Outside the Box Intellectual Property · Patent Attorney · Inventor Jerry Stanton has experience in worldwide patenting for wireless communications, computer chips and software, cyber-security and a host of other fields for various international companies. He is an entrepreneur and inventor in his own right, and he brings to selected clients and partners his perspective that IP can and should be tailored to directly support a company’s comprehensive business strategy. Jeanne Omlor - Panel Moderator · Business Breakthrough Coach · Social Media Strategist Site: www.jeanneomlor.com (http://www.jeanneomlor.com/) Jeanne Omlor is a Business Breakthrough Coach whose passion and expertise is strategizing and guiding leaders to grow vastly profitable businesses that stay true to their original vision and mission while creating the lifestyle they want! She has a background as an Executive Recruiter for top Wall Street Executives, filmmaker and actress. Let's be Connected! Sponsor LemPro Concentrate a single cell protein derived from Duckweed (LEMNA) using a proprietary process founded by Freddie Hebert after more than 15 years of research. Lempro's Products and process provide a method that is self-sustaining to fertilize duckweed at an affordable cost. This unique fertilizing method increases duckweed's growth rate dramatically, and creates a solution to address food, energy and water shortages around the globe. Visit us at http://www.lempro.net/ * No event comments are allowed for this Meetup event. Please restrain from posting comments below. For more details, read here (http://www.meetup.com/coinvent/messages/boards/thread/48592133)

  • [Workshop] An M&A Primer for Tech Companies by VLP Law Group

    Metropolitan Pavilion

    This session is made free by our sponsor VLP Law Group (http://www.vlplawgroup.com/) Registration also available @ http://coinvent.co/events/vlp The M&A market for technology and digital media companies is booming. Are you considering selling your technology company? Are you interested in learning more about the M&A process? Watch our all-star panel of investment bankers and attorneys discuss market trends and hear their impressions of today’s deal environment. Learn about how the market will value your company. How to prepare your company for sale. How to avoid common mistakes. How exit transactions are usually structured. And how to maximize your negotiation position to drive the highest possible deal price. Panelists Ben Boissevain - Managing Partner of Bois Capital (http://www.boiscapital.com/) Ben Boissevain attended U.C. Berkeley majoring in English and Economics and then moved to New York for law school at New York University. After three years at White & Case working on the legal side of transactions as a corporate finance attorney, he moved to Vienna, Austria, where he landed a position at an Austrian bank where he worked as an investment banker on the first IPO in the former Soviet Union. After four years of IPO and M&A transactions in Budapest, Prague and Moscow, he moved back to New York to join Barclays Capital, where he worked on cross-border M&A transactions. Seeing an opportunity to bring Wall Street quality advisory services and international expertise to technology companies, he co-founded Agile Equity in New York. Agile Equity has advised public companies in Japan, India and France on acquisitions of private companies in the United States. In 2013, He founded Bois Capital, a leading independent investment bank focused on providing financial advice on significant mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, as well as financings for public and private companies. The team has extensive international corporate finance experience and international, senior level connections in the technology sector, including cloud, software, IT services, digital media, wireless, wireline, big data, analytics and healthcare.Ben speaks frequently at technology events and is quoted in the press, including articles in The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, and numerous industry newsletters. He is the Treasurer for the Huguenot Society and Board Member and Co-Chair of the Programming Committee for the MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City. Todd Feldman - Managing Director of Mooreland Partners (http://www.moorelandpartners.com/team/todd-feldman) Todd joined the firm at its founding in 2003, and was promoted to Managing Director in 2011. Todd is a senior member of the Communications Technology and Digital Media teams. Prior to joining Mooreland Partners, Todd was a consultant for Crossroads LLP, a restructuring firm, where he worked on projects for large telecommunications companies. Prior to joining Crossroads, Todd was Manager of Corporate Finance and Strategy at Telergy, a competitive local exchange carrier based in Syracuse, New York. At Telergy, he helped raise over $200 million in debt and equity capital and completed telecommunications joint ventures with selected utility partners. Todd began his career in the investment banking division of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, where he worked on a wide range of transactions for technology, media and telecommunications companies. Todd holds a BSE degree in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Conrad Everhard - Partner of VLP Law Group (http://www.vlplawgroup.com/Person.aspx?employee_key=CEVERHARD) CONRAD EVERHARD is a seasoned corporate and transactional attorney with over twenty years of big law firm and general counsel experience. Conrad counsels his clients on business matters at every stage of their life cycles, including start-up formation, strategic planning, executive compensation, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and all forms of venture capital and private equity transactions. Conrad is also completely conversant with all transactions dealing with the commercialization and monetization of intellectual property and innovation, including negotiating license, joint venture, technology collaboration, research & development and industrial collaboration agreements. Conrad represents clients across a broad range of industries, with a particular focus on entrepreneurial-driven companies and the venture capital and private equity funds that invest in them. He assists these clients in executing complex capital and intellectual property driven transactions. Conrad’s prior experience as general counsel of a start-up gives him a unique bond with founders and entrepreneurs. Prior to joining VLP, Conrad served as general counsel and a key member of the management team of AE Polysilicon, a private equity backed solar start-up that raised more than $200 million via four preferred stock issuances and two convertible note financings from several strategic investors, including, principally, TOTAL Petrochemicals, the French based global energy conglomerate and Motech Industries, a Taiwan based top ten solar cell manufacturer. During his tenure at AEP, Conrad oversaw all of AEP’s legal and financing activities. As a result of his experience at AEP, Conrad became intimately familiar with the market dynamics of the solar sector globally and the cleantech industry generally. Prior to AEP, Conrad practiced for over two decades in the New York City offices of several global law firms, including Jones Day and K&L Gates. Conrad is a frequent speaker on M&A and technology themed subjects. He previously served on the board of advisors of Edison Innovation Fund, a venture capital fund created by the State of New Jersey (EDA) to assist high tech and life sciences businesses. In compliance with NJ RPC 7.5, VLP Law Group LLP and Conrad practice as a limited liability company under the name VLP Law Group, Everhard and Hong LLC in the state of New Jersey. Mike Bernstein – Audit Partner & Partner in Charge, NJ Market of Grant Thornton LLP (http://www.grantthornton.com/people/bios/b/bernstein-michael.aspx) (Moderator) Mike Bernstein has more than 30 years of industry experience, including significant involvement serving the real estate and financial services sectors. Bernstein has handled SEC and private company audit clients, ranging from small startups to multibillion dollar groups – with a strong focus on middle-market organizations. His experience involves public and private offerings including IPOs, business combinations, complex transactions and instruments, internal control and governance matters. During his 25-plus years with Grant Thornton, Bernstein has served in numerous roles, including the New York office’s Professional Standards partner and Audit practice leader, national industry leader and International practice partner. His specific industry experience includes work with REITs, real estate funds, private equity funds, hedge funds and other public companies. Bernstein has been quoted in and has authored articles in numerous trade and business publications, including BusinessWeek, Forbes.com, Venture Capital Journal, LBO Wire and the Financial. Sponsor VLP Law Group is a new model law firm that is completely reinventing the way that law firms do business. Founded in Silicon Valley, VLP is a geographically distributed, web-based law firm that leverages a state of the art technology platform to provide big law firm level lawyering at rates that the conventional law firms cannot match. Powered by a sophisticated digital infrastructure and collaboration platform, VLP eliminates costly physical offices, while significantly lowering administrative costs and overhead. All of our attorneys are seasoned, business savvy deal lawyers with years of major law firm experience. Many of our lawyers are entrepreneurs themselves, having served in general counsel and other capacities. We collaborate with one another and clients through our proprietary digital network. Our model enables VLP to offer senior deal lawyering on a flexible, cost-effective basis. www.vlplawgroup.com (http://www.vlplawgroup.com/) * No event comments are allowed for this Meetup event. Please restrain from posting comments below. For more details, read here (http://www.meetup.com/coinvent/messages/boards/thread/48592133)

  • [Workshop] The Future of Phone Service by Phone.com

    Metropolitan Pavilion

    This session is made free by our sponsor Phone.com (http://www.Phone.com/). Registration also available @ http://coinvent.co/events/thephone THE FUTURE OF PHONE SERVICE? IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK! When we think about phone service, we think about our mobile phones or perhaps our office desk phones. Very few of us consider our home phones, and the term land-line is slowly disappearing. Frankly, when do we even use the term “phone service?”​ P​erhaps for work phones. In some ways, even the idea of “phone service” ​has been is replaced by​ mobile service, which has less to do with talking and more to do with connectivity and using the mobile internet. In this session, we will address interesting developments in the phone industry, mostly from a usability and behavioral perspective: How will we as consumers of phone service use our phones in the future? We will address questions like: When will we be able to manage our phone service like we manage email or social media? When will we stop using phone numbers? And when will we be able to truly not worry about roaming fees? Speaker Ari Rabban - Co-founder & CEO of Phone.com (http://www.phone.com/) Ari Rabban is currently the CEO and Co-founder at Phone.com. Previously, Rabban served as vice president of corporate development and marketing for VocalTec Communications, the VoIP market pioneer and developer of the first internet phone. During his tenure at VocalTec he served as president of two subsidiaries that were ultimately spun out: Surf&Call Solutions, one of the initial voice-enhanced e-commerce solutions companies, and Truly Global Inc., a web based communications service. Rabban joined VocalTec from Lucent Technologies. Frequently cited as a VoIP market expert, Rabban has been involved with the internet telephony industry from its very early days; he has been widely quoted in trade publications and has been interviewed for media outlets around the world. Rabban is a 2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist and a Garden State Entrepreneur Excellence Award Finalist. Rabban received an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University; he also has a law degree and bachelors in economics from Tel Aviv University. He practiced corporate law in Tel Aviv, Israel prior to his arrival in the US. Sponsor Phone.com is the leading business phone service for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We offer flexible, cost-effective plans and award-winning customer support to more than 25,000 businesses across the United States. Innovative business VoIP service, smart call handling, toll-free phone numbers and great international rates—starting at $9.99 /month. Visit us at http://www.phone.com/ * No event comments are allowed for this Meetup event. Please restrain from posting comments below. For more details, read here (http://www.meetup.com/coinvent/messages/boards/thread/48592133)

  • [Workshop] Search Results: Owning Your Online Reputation by General Assembly

    This session is made free by our sponsor General Assembly (https://generalassemb.ly/). Registration also available @ http://coinvent.co/events/ga Anyone can benefit from improving their online reputation — and if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, student, or job hunter, your reputation can have a tremendous impact on your success. In this class, you’ll learn the best practices for improving your online reputation and find out how to put your best foot forward.You’ll also learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles, how to create content that you want showing up about you, and how to ensure it will rank well. Plus, you’ll learn emergency tactics for burying a negative result. Speaker Patrick Ambron Co-Founder and CEO - BrandYourself.com (https://brandyourself.com/) Patrick Ambron is the Co-Founder and CEO of BrandYourself.com (https://brandyourself.com/), both the first DIY platform and leading service provider to help improve your online search results. Patrick is recognized as a leading expert in online reputation management and search engine optimization. He was recognized by the White House as one of Empact's 100 Top CEOs under 30, named Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the SBA and named to Inc Magazine's Top 35 Under 35. Most recently, Patrick represented BrandYourself.com on ABC's Shark Tank, where he walked away from a $2 million offer - one of the highest offers in the show's history. Sponsor Established in early 2011, General Assembly is a global educational institution that is building a community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love, through instruction and opportunity in technology, business and design. We offer classes, workshops, full-time immersive programs and online educational programming on the most relevant skills of the 21st century economy, including web development, user experience design, digital marketing and data science. Visit us at https://generalassemb.ly/ * No event comments are allowed for this Meetup event. Please restrain from posting comments below. For more details, read here (http://www.meetup.com/coinvent/messages/boards/thread/48592133)

  • CoInvent Pulse NY 2015 (Trade Show Component)

    Metropolitan Pavilion

    *Update 6 (Nov 7): We have opened 500 more tickets through this Meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/coinvent/events/223836436/) to accommodate last minute RSVP's. We now have a combined amount of RSVP's for close to 5,000 for Nov 9th's Pulse Festival. *Update 5 (Nov 7): Most workshops are at capacity now. If a particular workshop is over capacity, we will accept attendees on a "first come, first served" basis http://pulse.coinvent.co/#workshops *Update 4 (Oct 5): More free tickets are released. Register at http://pulse.coinvent.co/ *Update 3 (Sept 5): The 1,000 tickets released yesterday were sold out within 6 hours. We will keep a waiting list open for now. We will release more tickets in the future. *Update 2 (Sept 4): 1,000 tickets have been opened exclusively on Meetup on Sept 4th. This only represents registrations for the trade show component of the festival. For the conference, workshops & exhibitors, registration will be available through our website (http://pulse.coinvent.co/ny15) *Update 1 (Aug 31): 10% off for all exhibitors and recruiters until Sept 15. Order @ http://pulse.coinvent.co/ny15 . Fill out this form here if you have more questions - http://coinvent.co/contacts/new CoInvent Pulse (http://pulse.coinvent.co/) is a business & technology trade show and conference that’s scheduled to take place at Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, on Nov 9th, 2015. This event features a show floor, 10 business workshops (http://pulse.coinvent.co/#workshops), a Pre-Party hosted by Red Bull, a VIP after party (http://pulse.coinvent.co/#party), a 24-hourTesla (http://pulse.coinvent.co/#tesla) test drive giveaway, a VIP lounge, and more! It's estimated to be one of the largest technology gatherings with thousands of attendees. It’s an excellent place where innovative corporations and startups meet each other, build business relationships, and promote their products. This event is free for expo and workshop attendees. Read the whole program at http://pulse.coinvent.co/ . If you'd like to showcase or sell your products/services, sponsor or exhibit at this event. More info about Pulse is available at http://pulse.coinvent.co/ . Register as press here (http://pulse.coinvent.co/#press). Contact us here (http://coinvent.co/contacts/new). • Official Pulse page: http://pulse.coinvent.co/ • Full sponsor list: http://pulse.coinvent.co/sponsors15 • Full exhibitor list: http://pulse.coinvent.co/exhibitors15 • Admission levels: http://pulse.coinvent.co/#admission • Tickets: http://pulse.coinvent.co/#tickets Exhibitors (full list (http://pulse.coinvent.co/exhibitors15)): • Akamai (https://www.akamai.com/) • All New Buzz (http://www.allnewbuzz.com/) • AppFigures (https://appfigures.com/) • Anchin (http://www.anchin.com/) • Augur (http://www.augur.net/) • Awesome (http://awesomenyc.com/) • Bartizan (http://www.bartizan.com/) • Bitcoinist.net (http://bitcoinist.net/) • Boag Law, PLLC (http://boagip.com/) • BotFactory (https://www.botfactory.co/) • Brooklyness (http://www.brooklyness.com/) • Butter and Scotch (http://www.butterandscotch.com/) • Cater2.me (http://www.cater2.me/) • Cheek'd (http://cheekd.com/) • Cheetah Mobile (http://cmcm.com/) (sponsor) • Clean Food Direct (http://cleanfooddirect.com/) • Closing Bell (https://closingbell.co/) • .CLUB (http://nic.club/) •Communigift (http://communigift.com/) • Cornell University Unmanned Air Systems (http://cuair.org/) • Crowded Reality (https://crowdedreality.com/) • Dark Arts Consulting • Dawan Group (http://www.dawanglobal.com/) • Distillate (http://distillate.co/) • District CoWork (http://districtcowork.com/) • DNA (http://www.thedna.org/) • Dog Parker (http://www.dogparker.com/) • DomainSkate (http://www.domainskate.com) • eDivv (http://www.eDivv.com) • Effective Business Greetings (http://effectivebusinessgreetings.com/) • ENVi (http://www.envi.com/) • Ephemeral Solutions • Fiverr (https://www.fiverr.com/) (Sponsor) • Freezecrowd (http://freezecrowd.com/) • FWD (http://www.fwd.us) • General Assembly (http://generalassemb.ly/) (sponsor) • Global Ionics (http://www.globalionicsllc.com/) • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (http://www.laguardia.edu/10KSB/) • Greenwhich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce (http://www.villagechelsea.com/) • Haivision (http://www.haivision.com/) • Hideki Aono (http://www.QuessLand.com) • HelloDotNYC (http://hellodotnyc.com/) (sponsor) • HomeSwipe (https://homeswipe.com/) • iBreakfast (http://ibreakfast.com/) • Illy (http://us.illyissimo.com/) • Inside Startups (http://www.insidestartups.org/) • Internet Society (http://www.isoc-ny.org) • iSwimBand (http://iswimband.com/) • Jeanne Omlor (http://jeanneomlor.com/) • Justworks (http://justworks.com/) • Know Your Crew (http://knowyourcrew.com/) • LemPro (http://www.lempro.net/) (sponsor) • Likeable (http://www.likeable.com/) • Local Marketing Stars (http://localmarketingstars.com/) • Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (http://manhattancc.org/) • Marita Rosado, LLC (http://www.rosadoaccounting.com/) • MINI USA (http://www.miniusa.com/content/miniusa/en.html) (sponsor) • Mobile Therapy (http://www.mobiletherapy.com/) • Namely (http://www.namely.com/) • Ncrease (http://ncrease.io/) • New Buzz Tickets (http://www.newbuzztickets.com/) • New Jersey Tech Council (http://www.njtc.org/) • NY Media Lab (http://nycmedialab.org/) • NJTC Tech Council (http://www.njtc.org/) • .NYC (http://www.ownit.nyc/) • OS Fashion (http://www.os-fashion.com/) • PBG Event Rentals & Productions (http://www.pbgevents.com/)(sponsor) • Phone.com (https://www.phone.com/) (Sponsor) • Pionear (http://www.explorepionear.com) • Publishizer, Inc. (http://publishizer.com/) • Radix (http://www.radix.website/) • Red Bull (http://redbull.com/) (sponsor) • Rhymeo (http://rhymeo.co/) • Robin8 (https://robin8.com/) • SimB2B (http://simb2b.com/) • Small Business Administration (http://sba.gov/) • Spaces (http://www.spacesworks.com) (sponsor) • Spare (http://sparenyc.org/) • sQuishloc (http://squishloc.com/) • State of Place (http://www.urbanimprint.com/about/state-of-place/) • TESLAB (http://www.teslab.co) • The Business of Leading (http://www.thelanguageofleading.com/) • The Hatchery (http://hatchery.vc/) • The Startup Institute (https://www.startupinstitute.com/) • Topi (https://topi.com/) • TotalHousehold Inc (http://www.totalhousehold.com/). • TransferNation (http://transfernation.org/) • Travalarm (http://travalarm.com/) • UniversalGiving (http://www.universalgiving.org/) • UpperStack (http://www.upperstack.com/) • Via (http://ridewithvia.com/) • Viral Integrity (http://maryagnes.com/) • VLP Law Group LLP (http://www.vlplawgroup.com/) (sponsor) • Wall Street Chinese (http://wallstreetchinese.net/) • WaterStop Carts (https://vimeo.com/waterstopcarts) • Women in Business (http://womeninbusiness.org/) (sponsor) • Wix.com (http://www.wix.com/) • Wonolo (http://wonolo.com/) • yBitcoin (https://www.ybitcoin.com/) • YummChef (https://beta.yummchef.com/) • Zayo (http://www.zayo.com/) (sponsor) • Made in NY Media Center by IFP (http://nymediacenter.com/) • Volkova Law Group PLLC (http://www.volkovalaw.com) • Tesla • Women In Business (http://www.womeninbusiness.org/) • Shray (http://www.shrayskincare.com/) • BatteryPOP (http://www.batteryPOP.com) • Bequeathit (http://www.bequeathit.com/) • BI Cubed • Blastchat (http://www.Blastchat.com) • Class 2 Innovations (http://www.cordcocoon.com) • P2P Markets (http://www.p2p-markets.com) • Floatech Marine (http://www.floatechmarine.com/) • HomeKeepr (http://www.homekeepr.com) • SGE LLC (http://www.sgepower.com) • Tobly Inc. (http://www.tobly.co) • TripExpert (http://www.tripexpert.com/) • Seed CX (http://www.SeedCX.com) • innovaPad (http://innovapad.com/) • Ratafire (http://www.ratafire.com) • Welzoo (http://www.welzoo.com) • Nonnatech (http://www.nonnatech.com) • LYBBERATOR LLC (http://www.lybbe.com) • Elsa and Me • UBsports Inc. (http://www.ubsports.com) • AXA Advisors (http://www.axa.com) • AmericanEntrepreneurship.com (http://americanentrepreneurship.com/) • Lee & Lin IP (http://www.leelinip.com) • Bar Works (http://www.barworks.nyc/) • Retail Experts (http://Www.r-e.com.mx) • NY Women Chamber of Commerce (http://nywcc.org/) • Partnership For NYC (http://innovateinnyc.org/) • NetComLearning (http://www.netcomlearning.com) • Jozii LLC (http://www.jozii.com/) • Crowdzu Inc. (https://www.crowdzu.com/) • Lower East Side (http://lowereastside.org/) • Supper (https://www.facebook.com/supper) • New American Chamber of Commerce (http://www.chambercoalition.org/) • Chameleon Cold Brew (http://www.chameleoncoldbrew.com) • Leest (http://www.leestapp.com) • Pick My Sola (http://www.pickmysolar.com)r * Official Pulse registration page http://pulse.coinvent.co/ . Register online for free. All last-minute walk-ins without online registrations are subject to a $10 fee. * This list will get updated daily with new exhibitors added. For more details, visit http://pulse.coinvent.co/ny15 * If you do not fully answer questions when you RSVP, we will send you a survey prior to the event so you can complete the registration. * No event comments are allowed below. To connect with other attendees, use hashtag "#Pulse15" on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. For more details about this policy, read here (http://www.meetup.com/coinvent/messages/boards/thread/48592133). * Want to sponsor the event, contact us at http://coinvent.co/contacts/new (http://eventhulu.com/Want%20to%20sponsor%20the%20event,%20contact%20us%20at%20%C2%A0http:/coinvent.co/contacts/new). To learn more about the exhibiting package, visit http://pulse.coinvent.co/why-exhibit . Here is a comprehensive list of our sponsors (http://pulse.coinvent.co/sponsors15) and exhibitors (http://pulse.coinvent.co/exhibitors15).