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"Creative Thinking Outside the Box" is a virtual creative workshop for everyone who wants to expand their vision.

I am Nina a Dancer, Artist and creative person. Through my coaching programs and workshops I am sharing my passion for the good things in life.
"Creative Thinking Outside the Box" is designed to (re)activate your creativity, but also to improve your vision and help you to change perspectives.
Together with the Law of Attraction and goal oriented work, these higher fortitudes will give you all that you want and need in your life.

It is always good when we can come together to develop our natural talents, so that we can master daily routines and keep our business life fresh and strong for any progression.

The workshops are a combination of different creative execices like writing, art, easy dance moves etc.

Duration: 45 min
Location: Best would be a calm room where you can also relax after the session

Things needed:
* Comfortable clothes 
* Paper and crayon or an Ipad if you prefer digital art
Other art supplies, like felt pens, colored crayons, dry pastels, etc. are optional, but not necessarily needed for the event.

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