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Über uns

In this group we practice critical thinking and exchange feed-backs on our performance. These are, I believe, the most important things to improve in any domain: practice and feedback!

During an event we begin with a warm-up game during which every participant talks for a few minutes. That's a good way to break the ice; start talking and get comfortable!

Then there's the main course: a debate. This debate can take different forms: debate on a given subject, one participant defend their belief against the other participants, one participant give a presentation and respond to a Q&A, ...

After the debate we give mutual feed-backs on the style and content of the arguments. Were the arguments rational, logical, emotional, ...? Was the delivery adequate and convincing?

Finally we give feed-backs about the meeting in general: what we liked, what we can improve, what we should add or remove, ... We are open to criticism and willing to improve the meetings!