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- Expat Meetup Culti Style -

This meetup group exists for the sole purpose of casual get-togethers in a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. Our Meetups are all about meeting people in a laid back and social atmosphere. It doesn't matter if you just want to have a drink with some people, if you want to make new friends or if you like discovering new places to go - this group is for everyone.

- Organized by Culti Group -

This Expat Meetup Group is organized by Culti Group. Culti Group was founded in Amsterdam in late 2008. This group is a decentral organization, which gets organized on mail and social media. Other then "Culti Meetups", "Culti Group" also organizes some Expat Meetups. To us, "Culti" and "'Expat" are just names. We're reaching out to all people with a curious and international mindset.

The aim is the same everywhere: getting and keeping people included in the curious part of the international community in their town. In Barcelona our primary focus is on what expats want - but please make no mistake: everyone is welcome. In order to meet each other, we will meet for drinks in cozy venues on one day - and we will meet for dinner and parties on other days.

Next to Social Meetups and New in Town Meetups, we also do fun daytrips and we bring you the best Comedy in English in Barcelona! At times, we also offer weekendstrips to fascinating cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Maastricht.

Maybe don't hesitate.... and just sign up!

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Language café Duisburg

Gaststätte Zum Knorrigen

The language cafe is a place where people interested in other languages and cultures get together. There are a lot of newcomers to Germany who want to practise the German language, and there are a lot of Germans who are willing to help them. On the other hand, most Germans who go there want to practise their English, but we also already had requests for French, Italian, Russian and even Chinese! So no matter which corner of the world you come from and what is your mother tongue, please feel welcome to the group! some of the topics we talk about are: live in different countries, similarities and differences, our hobbies and interests, just anything that is on our minds. Of course we also always have something to laugh about.

Rhine meadows Duisburg-Friemersheim: Flora, vegetation, landscape

Every year in summer VHS ( Volkshochschule ) Duisburg is offering excursions to the specific biospheres of the area. These excursions which show you the city from another angle of view are always on Saturdays and free of charge. The Rhine meadows in Friemersheim are a cultivated landscape, former farmland with orchards, willows, fields and rare plants at the river branches of the old Rhine.

Refugees & Neighbours in Duisburg Neudorf enjoying breakfast together

- Refugees & Neighbours in Duisburg Neudorf enjoying breakfast together - Refugees, neighbours and anyone who is interested in meeting new people get together once a month for breakfast! - Organization - Please bring something for the buffet. Coffee, tea and dishes are already there. Teh breakfast starts at 10 o'clock. However, the organizers ( Flüchtlingshilfe Neudorf and Kultursprung ) are always happy if someone can make it a few minutes earlier to help with the preparations. The Community center is within Walking distance from Duisburg central station ( exit to the East side ( Duissern and Neudorf ), or take a bus to Neudorfer Markt. I'll walk there from Gneisenaustr. 252 in Duisburg Neudorf so if anyone has the same direction we can also meet before and go there together.

Language café Duisburg

Gaststätte Zum Knorrigen

Invitation on nebenan.de: https://nebenan.de/public_feed/4962831 We want to meet every 1st Tuesday and every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6.30 p.m. at restaurant Zum Knorrigen to talk to each other in the language(s) we want to brush up. To make it easier, it would be best if you commented with the languages you speak so you can already see if someone with "your" languages is around. At the Meeting, everyone shall sit next to someone who wants to speak the same language. We have a group on www.nebenan.de, but neither subscription to this nor to any other social network is required to be able to join.

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