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Meeting 6 of Module 1
I am happy to invite you to join my new study group that will bring the consiousness of the Cosmic University - a journey to our inner home, of exploring ourselves, of who we are, why we came here, what we are doing here My heart is calling to pass it on to whoever wants to join! :: What does it mean? Together we will // Dare to dream // Open up to new spectrums of possibilities // Recognize our worthiness & our role here // Receive energetic and consciousness tools of how we can translate and manifest this in our everyday lives​ Through mentoring and transformational processes we will familiarize ourselves with our higher essence and build bridges towards a new unified humanity acting in reciprocal relationships. We will look and explore beyond what we see with our own two eyes - beyond the three-dimensional veil - experience new sensations and expose ourselves more and more to our own individual vibration that plays the song our heart wants to play - without limitations and restrictions, without dimming - letting ourselves shine and showing us that each one’s vibration is synchronized with all other vibrations - playing the most beautiful song of all that is - bringing us all together, as different and diverse where each one is a crucial part of the whole. Through frequency activations, which is one of the components that the Cosmic University offers, these tools will be transferred. :: What is my path and how did I get there? After having seen, experienced, lived in this world for some time, I decided a few years ago to find ways to conduct myself, to find out about myself and aspects inside holding me back. I was devoted to find out... ….and that’s when the Cosmic University crossed my path. Four years ago I started my path with the Cosmic University and was exposed to completely new realms of understanding and realms of bringing change from within - filling up my development toolbox and allowing me to explore and connect more and more to my essence, my Active Will, my Wishful Heart, to All the answers that are within me. This path has opened up – and is still opening up – for me the ability to create the reality of my life, to dive into myself with curiosity, to bring changes from the basis of my perceptions, to unfold myself as I am. *** All this and many more things will be part of the journey! *** So, do you hear the call from home? A call of inner peace, calibration, love, joy, exhilaration, abundance, strength - where there is enough for all and appreciation for all, where we can be who we are, different and diverse, in a unified field, connected with everything, and everything connected with us. With lots of love and joy, I will be happy to welcome you! The meetings will be held in English and/or German according to participants. Introductory Meeting will be fee of charge. For further questions, please contact me! Hannah [masked] **•'*´¨`*'•**•'*´¨`*'•**•'*´¨`*'•**

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Worum es bei uns geht

Come on an inner journey of exploring, transforming, creating the reality of your life and realizing it to its fullest potentials, letting yourself shine, as different and diverse, and receive powerful tools of how to implement this and much more in your everyday life.

Together we will

• Dare to dream,

• Open up to new spectrums of possibilities,

• Recognize our worthiness & our role here,

• Receive energetic and consciousness tools

of how we can translate and manifest this in our everyday lives​.

Let's shine together!

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