Apache Nifi & Apache Airflow


• 19:00 Socializing, food, drinks
• 19:30 Welcome & Talks

Location, food and beverage will be sponsored by TNG Technology Consulting.

Apache Nifi – 21st Century Open Source Data Flows
by Frank Thiele (TNG Technology Consulting)
Apache Nifi is a current open source project of the Apache Software Foundation. It has the goal to make the application stacks of large enterprises which have evolved over decades simpler and more powerful
by providing a versatile mediation system. In a nutshell: A Data Flow Management Platform.

It goes a lot further than classic ETL tools (Extract, Transform & Load) by offering a huge spectrum of functions like Complex Event Processing, Zero-Master clustering and connectors for e.g. Apache Kafka, HDFS, Mongo DB, Couchbase, HTTP and also FTP. In particular its support for historization of events and their visualization (provenance, lineage) sets it apart from competing products.

After an introduction to Apache Nifi and its underlying concepts you will
learn about a case study from the telecommunications sector which shows it's performance and easy extensibility via custom data processors.


Apache Airflow: Introduction and Tips & Tricks
by Stefan Seelmann (SimScale)
Apache Airflow (incubating) is a platform to programmatically create, execute and monitor workflows. It was originally developed at Airbnb, today it is very popular and used by hundreds of companies and organizations. This talk briefly introduces the concepts in Airflow, gives some tips and tricks about deploying and operating Airflow, and shows how Airflow is used at SimScale.

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