Data Science in Marketing for Online Mobile Games at Phoenix Games

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Marketing is traditionally known as a strongly people-driven field. Businesses are shifting their marketing spend more and more toward digital and mobile marketing. In recent years, social media marketing and online marketing platforms like Google, Facebook and Apple have begun to provide access to their systems using APIs. This allows new methods, known as programatic marketing, to change the way marketing is done. This presentation will focus on a data-driven approach to marketing for mobile games.
Building and leveraging marketing automation tools:
- From Impression to Profit - a data pipeline as single source of truth
- Using Narrow AI to maximise profit and automate processes
- No more campaign management: the shift in focus for the marketing manager

About the Speaker:
Dr. Michael Milnik graduated from the University of Karlsruhe with a diploma in Physics. After his Master’s in Philosophy and History of Science at the London School of Economics, he returned to Karlsruhe for his PhD in Experimental Particle Physics. Successfully completing his PhD, Michael Milnik joined Blue Yonder, where he worked for nearly a decade in different roles: as Data Scientist, Product Manager, Team Lead and as Director Data Science. In 2018 he joined Flaregames as Director of Process Automation and Data Science. Currently he focuses on automation of Marketing.