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We meet for open PairProgramming & Hacking events around OpenSource DevOps system dda-pallet, written in clojure ( https://github.com/DomainDrivenArchitecture/dda-pallet ).

If you are interested in Clojure, DevOps or Cloud-Operating, feel invited and join our meetup. We organize remote PairProgramming and we organizing on-site Hacking Events.

Located: on-site is located in southern Germany, remote PairProgramming works all over the world. Appointment coordinates are given in CET.

Tooling: for our remote meetings we use mostly Google Hangouts and Jitsi.

Language: will be German or English - depends on anttendees.

You can also contact us on slack: https://clojurians.slack.com/messages/C5GDWDF28/

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