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Building Design Leadership

LinkedIn - San Francisco

TICKETS & INFO ON THE D+G SITE: https://designersandgeeks.com/events/building-design-leadership Please note that you must have a ticket from the D+G Site (purchasable through our Eventbrite) to attend. RSVP'ing on Meetup alone will not get you in. ------------------------------------------ Building Design Leadership Price: $20 What does it take to establish design leadership as creative professionals? How are great design leads built, and what do they do to inspire those around them? These are some of the topics we'll explore in our next session of Designers + Geeks. At this event, we'll feature talks from well-established leaders in the creative profession and hear about how they got there – the practices, ideas, and challenges that help them build great design teams. Katie Dill | VP of Design at Lyft Katie Dill is the VP of Design at Lyft, where she oversees the design of the product and service experience including digital and industrial design. Under Katie’s leadership, Lyft leverages thoughtful design to tackle challenges in behavior change, the disruption of the transportation industry and the transformation of cities. Before joining Lyft, Katie was the Director of Experience Design at Airbnb and oversaw the designers defining Airbnb’s digital products and services. She led her team in successfully launching a company rebrand, scaling from 10 to 100, and establishing studios worldwide. Prior to that, Katie was a Partner at Greenstart Ventures, Creative Director at Frog Design, and an instructor in CCA’s Grad design program. In 2019, Katie was named one of Business Insiders’ 10 People Transforming Technology, and in 2017 was one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business. She’s also been a juror at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards. Katie holds a Bachelor of Science in industrial design from ArtCenter College of Design, as well as a bachelor’s degree in history from Colgate University. LEA ANN HUTTER | Senior Director of Product Design at LinkedIn As a User Experience Design leader, Lea Ann has scaled multiple consumer and enterprise UX Design teams. She currently leads over 35 Designers and Design Managers for LinkedIn’s Global Talent Solutions, a multi product platform for recruiters and job seekers. She’s passionate about championing people and products that create positive change in the world. Her favorite word to describe the ultimate user experience: effortless. ------------------------------------------ Connect We post discounts & freebies here: • Our Newsletter http://eepurl.com/eNMs-/ • Designers + Geeks Facebook https://www.facebook.com/designersandgeeks • @DesignersGeeks https://twitter.com/DesignersGeeks

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