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Organizations are traditionally rigid structures. They are designed to use the given resources throughout defined processes to deliver expected results. This structure is designed to stay, not to change. As one result, they got locked in their own business perspective and forgot about their customers and users. Organizations have promoted efficiency and forgotten how do build up a lively and innovative culture. One that is ready to change. One that can follow and even get ahead of their customers.

How can an organization be led to a human-centered design approach to open up for creativity and innovation? This meet-up is for Service Designers, Consultants and Design Thinkers who want to help organizations to develop ways to implement this approach. As a new way of balancing the business perspective with the customer perspective. Playframe invites people who work with organizations and love to exchange their stories. Meet interesting people, listen to refreshing talks on how to bring new human-centered culture to organizations. The goal of this casual meet-up is to learn from each other.

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