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Invision AG

Speditionstr. 5 · 40221 Düsseldorf

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When you arrive at the location use the stairs next to the well. We're on the ground floor of the building on the right.

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Since we're skipping December, we'll get a chance to get together again in the next year on January the 16th at 19:00. As always, we'll be providing delicious food and a variety drinks.

We wish you a great holiday season in December and a great start into 2019! See you there!

19:00 Doors & Drinks

19:45 The many faces of kubernetes deployments by Niclas Mietz (@solidnerd)

Drive the continuous change in a kubernetes cluster based on frequently changing it’s resource manifests. At this time several ways exists to change the manifests, but which is the best option to apply these changes?

The typical case would be deploy our changes through a CI/CD pipeline with kubectl and direct apply of the manifests or templated manifests with a separate tool . But there also other tools like GitKube, Skaffold, Weaveworks Flux to deploy our changes in the cluster.

This talk would like to show your opportunities between different kubernetes deployment tools and give you an overview about them and how to use them.

20:15 Break

20:30 Building reactive pipelines with AWS by Nikhil Kuriakose (@nikhilkuria)

Over the past few months, we at trivago moved several services to AWS. We build reactive pipelines which involved our on premise MySQL and Kafka clusters and numerous serverless components in AWS. This is the story of how we did it, our flops and hits!

21:15 More drinks

22:00 End of the Event