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Invision AG

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When you arrive at the location use the stairs next to the well. We're on the ground floor of the building on the right.

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We meet again to talk about DevOps and modern Infrastructure on the 20th of February at 19:00. As always, we'll be providing delicious food and a variety of drinks.

19:00 Doors & Drinks

19:45 Hybrid Kubernetes Cluster on Raspberry PI and more by Peter Rossbach (@prossbach)

In this talk, Peter will talk about how Docker was extended
from x86 Linux to the ARM platforms for your applications.
They will cover the work and architecture that makes it possible to run
Apps on different CPU architectures.

Peter will also demo some of the new features of the current Docker CE engine to manage Kubernetes Clusters with both x86 and Raspberry PI Linux nodes.

As founder of the bee42, System Architect, Cloud Native Engineer,
Apache Member, Apache Tomcat Committer, Infracoder and DevOps Enabler, can Peter rely on a sustainable and remarkable experience.
With his skills he inspires people. The bee42 crew rethink IT and
improve your systems with passion.

20:15 Break

20:30 FaaS Lessons Learned by Marcus Weiner (@mraerino)

Building apps on Functions as a Service providers like AWS Lambda has been a large trend for some years. Engineers want to leverage per-request scalability and abstraction of the deployment platform. In reality there will naturally be new approaches to central concerns like deployment, backup, monitoring and debugging for those modern compute workloads. Marcus has been running a FaaS app in production for over a year and will present learnings and advice on the different operational topics.

Marcus (@mraerino) is a freelance web & systems engineer, coach and consultant. His experience is gathered by making prototypes and experimenting with new paradigms. He is a happy user of Typescript, Golang & Containers and likes to automate all the things.

21:15 More drinks

22:00 End of the Event