How can your decentralised identity be utilised by governments?

Your Digital Identity
Your Digital Identity
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The governments are the root to most of our existing identities today 🏢, consisting of birth registration, marriage/death, national identity cards and passports used to track, verify and prove your identity. Without a proper functional identity system, it is impossible to implement an asset registry, educational certification, medical record, and financial systems.

Online today, identity is usually managed by the different services used, like your Facebook or Google account, which allows private companies to control identity provision. Recent events have proven this to be risky, and this is why blockchain and self-sovereign identities are such a good solution to streamline all of these processes!

Governments all over the world are now looking into how self-sovereign identities can benefit their countries and identity management systems, which is the very intriguing topic on our next Identity meetup!

Our first speaker is Kai Wagner, from Jolocom. Jolocom builds global infrastructure to support decentralized digital identity management, and Kai will do an intro about this and also tell us about the work they do with the government. They are working with ESSIF as well,as Jolocom is one of the leading providers of SSI(Self Sovreign Identity) in Europe. They are also working with Belgium and Germany on a state and federal level to see what possibilities there are for enabling SSI for the average man in the street! --

Our second speakers for the event is Markus Sabadello, founder of Danube Tech; a highly advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) company in Vienna, working with digital identity and personal data. Markus will speak about the work they are doing with Homeland Security (US) who are currently funding their research on modules needed to build a proper global decentralized identity. This work can relieve the government of being the data controller of your identity.

Our third speaker is Dominik Beron, also from Danube Tech. Who will speak more in-depth about their work with European Self Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF) -

Our final speaker of the event is Jon Ølnes, Product Manager at Signicat. Signicat is one of Europe’s leading providers of identity-related services, operating the largest identity hub around covering about 25 different eID schemes under one set of APIs. Jon will speak about the differing identity requirements of different governments, the pros and cons of society-wide monopoly eID schemes, future directions for eID as viewed by Signicat, and the identity custodian idea as a helper to manage one’s own identity.

We are excited to see you back again and hope that you will join us in continuing our meetups, where we go into the nitty-gritty of decentralised identities and together drive results forward! 💜👊