Google Dashboarding with Kelsey Bratcher (formerly Infusionsoft User Group)


515 East Grant Street · Phönix, AZ

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In the PINAL classroom in the back!

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Welcome to the Digital Marketing Phoenix Meetup!

We will be talking Google Dashboarding in October.

These are digital marketing meetups held by DigitalMarketer Certified Partners (aka digital marketing nerds who actually do this stuff) at Galvanize Phoenix, a workplace dedicated to helping companies launch and scale!


Who is this meetup for?

• If you are a business owner who wants to leverage the Internet to scale and grow, this is for you!

• If you are in a marketing position and you want to level up your skills and stay up to date on current practices, this is for you!

• If you are a startup that is looking to build your business with the power of digital marketing, this is for you!

• If you are passionate about digital marketing and want to learn what's working so you can move into this industry, this is for you!

• If you are looking for get rich quick schemes, THIS ISN'T YOUR MEETUP but good luck (seriously)!


Our DigitalMarketer meetups will cover:

...things like Conversion Funnels, Content Marketing/Strategy, Paid Traffic Generation & Customer Acquisition, Email Marketing/List Building, Social Media, Search, Analytics & Data, Testing & Optimization, and eCommerce.


At this meetup...

We will have automation expert, Kelsey Bratcher of Hired Gun Solutions and the Get Automated podcast (

He will be talking about some of the amazing things he has done (and you can do) with Google's free tools (Google Sheets, Google Data Studio) and Zapier.

Kelsey's Bio:

Kelsey worked at Infusionsoft from[masked] and as a certified partner after that. During that time he has worked with over 1,000 small businesses to buy, implement, and use Infusionsoft to grow. He has over 20,000 hours using the software as an Infusionsoft Consultant and working with small business owners. Kelsey has also continued to expand his knowledge and worked with a variety of other marketing automation platforms.

BTW, there are NO PITCHES ALLOWED at this anybody...ever!

So don't worry about getting pitched!


Who's organizing this meetup:

Digital Marketer Certified Partner:

Chris ( and Heather ( Lee from PurpleCRM

Company profile on DM's Partner Directory: ( )


Meeting Agenda:

Welcome & Announcements: 10:00

Presentation: Google Dashboarding: 10:10

Attendee Q&A: 11:15 (quickly cover a digital marketing tool(s))

I Want/I Need: 11:30 (attendees state wants/needs and help connect people with each other for open networking)

Conclusion: 11:35

Open Networking: 11:45 - Noon


We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Registration Required (Free)- Snacks and Beverages Provided: We just need a head count for food and room capacity.