How to get a .NET Core App into Production and what then

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Developing a .NET Core application is one thing. Getting it into production is another.
Then a lot of questions start to pop up:
- What is framework- dependent?
- What is self- contained?
- Which runtime should I use?
- How do I get it to run in IIS?
- Do I want to run it in IIS?
- How do we install security patches?
- How long do we get security patches?
- What gets security patches?

Andi will answer you this questions, so that when you talk the next time with your Sysadmin about bringing a .NET Core app into production, nobody has any fear about it.

The Venue will be provided by Donau City Spaces (, the new workshop & conference room provider in Vienna and TechTalk’s latest project.

Food & Drinks will also be provided by TechTalk.


- Door opens at 17:45
- Meetup will start at 18:15


- Welcoming
- Recap
- Socializing

Be aware, that TechTalk will be on the 16th floor and not anymore on the 11th.
We got a new office!