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DWeb is a series of events driven by local communities of developers, designers, information architects, activists, policymakers and journalists toward a global goal - building the web we deserve.

We want to build the web that…
… remembers and forgets.
… is a marketplace and a public square, but also is a safe private space.
… has many winners.

The Web we use today is not private, reliable or free from censorship. It lacks a memory, a way to preserve our digital record through time. Decentralization offers security. By distributing data, processing and hosting across millions of computers worldwide with no centralized control, a new Decentralized Web has the potential to be open, empowering users around the globe to control and protect their own personal data better than before.

Our story has two roots - in Berlin and San Francisco.

Joachim Lohkamp opened our Berlin chapter in September 2014:
“I started the first GET Decentralized (GETD#1) hackathon to bridge the community of change-makers around Ouishare with those of tech. My guts drove me to SF to hold GETD#2 (https://youtu.be/-YgOYjOGZuQ) at the Red Victorian. This is when I met with Wendy and Brewster the very people who shared the same values and had the energy to bing this initiative to a whole level. DWeb was born.”

DWeb San Francisco have their own story (https://decentralizedweb.net/about/).

Both driven primarily by developers and platform makers years ago, in 2019 our groups merged to scale the focus. Today web architects, designers, artists, activists, policymakers and journalists from all over the world gather in Berlin and San Francisco to learn from each other and to co-create infrastructure we can trust.

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DWeb.Design Typonight

betahaus | Kreuzberg

In February we launched a series of events for designers to bring back the variety in design & typography and to secure the upcoming digital industries from the visual sameness. The first edition “Embrace variety” went out as Dribbble Berlin meetup, where we announced that ...next event would happen in mid May ...with a topic around typography and ....that the series of events will continue as DWeb.Design. ___________________________ 💪Sticking to the plan: → May 15 Typography? → Yes, DWeb.Design Typonight (our night starts at 18:00 - some sun is still expected) ___________________________ If you prefer registering through Eventbrite: https://typonight.eventbrite.com ___________________________ Agenda: 18:00 - intro “Why we talk typography today?” 18:20 - opening keynote. We are intentionally keeping the name of local typography hero in secret by the end of the next week. Stay tuned! 18:50 - talk: Frank Rausch “Interactive Text” 19:20 - talk: Yulia Popova “Women in Typography” book pre-launch introduction 19:50 - talk 3. Announcing by the end of this week. 19:50 - talk 4. Announcing by the end of April. ___________________________ 🔥Event heroes 🔥 Frank Rausch… .. is a user interface designer, app developer, and typographer. He is co-founder and managing partner at Raureif, an award-winning interaction design consultancy based in Berlin. In his work, Frank Rausch explores how technology and code can shape high-quality digital reading experiences. He teaches app design and typography at design schools in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. More about Frank: https://frankrausch.com video (one of dozens): https://www.typotalks.com/videos/the-new-typography/ “Interactive Text” Digital typography is user interface design. Visual user interfaces are nothing without text. In his talk, Frank Rausch will discuss how language, text, and typography shape the user experience for interactive tools and media. ⟐⟐⟐ Yulia Popova… …is a graphic designer and researcher specializing in printed matter and typography. Born in Moscow, Russia, Yulia moved to Germany to study Integrated Design in Cologne International School of Design. Later she was part of the 9-month research program at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Designin Moscow. Yulia worked in the field of branding and web design in Russia and Germany for several years. Recently, she graduated with distinction from the MA program in Visual Communication in Art Academy Weißensee, Germany and is currently working as a graphic designer at Pentagram in Berlin. In her free time she is working on self-initiated research projects, running various workshops and teaching from time to time. More about Yulia: http://yulia-popova.com teaser of the talk: http://yulia-popova.com/women-in-type “Women in Typography” Why the share of female speakers at typographic conferences is much lower? Are there really fewer women in type design? How comes that Zuzana Licko is more or less the first known female type designer? Questions like these, became the central topic in Yulia’s research project. She collected data and statistics, interviewed people in the type design industry and went through archives to understand the situation better. Yulia will share her findings and present the book that became the final outcome of the project. _______________ DWeb.Design is a part of DWeb. DWeb.Design is still and always will be on a mission to empower and inspire designers to consider trends, to create new standards that ensure every brand or product will keep their personality and authenticity, embracing visual variety. DWeb is a series of events driven by local communities toward a global goal - building the web we deserve. In Berlin (powered by jolocom.io/) and in San Francisco (powered by Internet Archive).

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Your decentralized identity

betahaus | Kreuzberg

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