DWebDesign + UXPressia: Different faces of Customer Journey Mapping

DWeb Berlin #DWebBLN
DWeb Berlin #DWebBLN
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We are proud to welcome the founders of the most popular Customer Journey Mapping tool as our guests this Thirsday.

Mentoring mostly on the general cases of customer engagement at conferences like UXSummit Lisbon, UX Riga, UX Alive (Berlin&Istanbul), UX Poland and every-year partners at UX Camp Europe and Product Camp - both take part in Berlin ONLY, - this Thursday they are going to break down more challenging cases. #BetterUXfortheNewWeb

Find the event description and register via Eventbrite:

As a team developing customer journey mapping software, we have a unique chance to engage with hundreds of journey mappers from all over the world daily. We’ve heard hundreds of stories, and we’ve seen thousands of customer journey maps.

Join us as we sit down for a fantastic evening of talks, case studies, networking, and more!

The event will be interesting for product managers, designers, marketers, CX leaders, and everyone interested in building human-centric products and companies.


6.30pm – 7.20pm: Opening Talk & UX Connect (Networking)

7.20pm – 8.00pm: Talk 1 & Talk 2

8.00 pm – 8.20 pm: Networking

8.20 pm – 9.00 pm: Interactive session and Q&A Panel

9.00 pm: Leave the venue & head to a local bar for continued networking

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Faces of customer journey mappers: creating personas for CJM software.

As a team developing customer journey mapping software, we have a unique chance to engage with hundreds of journey mappers from all over the world on a daily basis. We’ve heard hundreds of stories and, we’ve seen thousands of customer journey maps. All of that gave us all resources to develop and validate Personas, describing different “mapper” types.
- Yuri Vedenin, Founder @ UXPressia
- Nick Efimov, CPO @ UXPressia Academy

How to use journey mapping to build the better pre-event communication strategy.
- Iryna Nezhynska, Visual Communication Designer @ Jolocom

During her 10 years in visual communication, Iryna has been working on the redesigns for some of the world’s largest brands: Daimler AG, John Deere, Lindt, TUI, Amway. But her joy came from working with tech startups, - for the last 4 years she has been helping small teams from German and Nordic tech scenes express their collective vision.

Finally, she found herself fully committed to decentralization and Web 3.0 companies: today, she is the visual communication designer at Jolocom, the Berlin-based team building tools for self-sovereign identity.

She also organizes DWeb.Design meetups in Berlin. #DWebDesign on twitter


3) ...

- Anastasia Kluter, Customer Experience Designer @ fastahead.

We are helping companies develop, test and implement business and product ideas fast, efficient and customer centered. We use Customer Journey Mapping to keep the big picture in mind and design great solutions for customer’s needs, keeping corporate stakeholders in the game.


About the organizers

DWebDesign & DWebBLN – A series of events driven by local communities toward a global goal - building the Web we deserve.

UXPressia (https://uxpressia.com/) – Collaborative user experience platform. Create, export, and share designer-ready customer journey maps, personas, and impact maps online.

UXPressia Academy (https://academy.uxpressia.com/) – Online educational platform for developing Service Design & Customer Experience skills.