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There was a time when someone walked into store, had a chat with the store-owner and asked him which products he would recommend. The store-owner, knowing this person for years, would pull the right thing out of a shelf and turn the visitor into a happy customer. If the store-owner knew his trade really well, he would even anticipate his customers’ wishes and actively suggest something they did not know they needed - yet.

In this sense, personalization has always been a core principle of retail. And in this digital day and age, technical developments such data analysis and specialized APIs can make individualization and proactive personalization even more effective and provide interesting opportunities to merchants. With mobile devices and wearables learning more about their customers’ tastes and preferences, they can build better and more targeted applications and get a headstart against their competition.

New developments in hard- and software make it possible to reach online customers
far beyond their desktop computers and blur the boundaries between online and
“real” life. Emerging devices enable new forms of human-machine interaction and
redefine the way in which online retail is done. 2015 is all about
mobile technology, emerging devices, keyboard-free interaction, a natural
shopping experience as an integral part of our everyday lives and the role of APIs in
shaping the future of e-commerce.

This weekend in Berlin is all about projects with an interesting approach to personalization and fresh ideas that make buying things more individual, more effective - and more fun.

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