Worum es bei uns geht

This is a meetup for users and friends of the popular editor and computing environment Emacs! 👾👾👾

Here is the plan:

📝 Sign up for this group

🤔 Think if there would be something you could talk about

🎉 Let me know if you have an idea

⏲ Collect people and ideas...

👋 Let's find a date to meet up!

Prepare to meet up in a friendly atmosphere to talk about everyone's favorite tool!

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Fourth Emacs FFM Meetup!


Alright - the Emacs meetup was a bit in hibernation mode, but lets try to have a virtual get-together in Jitsi (you'll get the link once you RSVP). We can continue where we took of and tinker on a major mode with Carlos. Let me know if this works for you and feel free to share any ideas how to make the virtual version of this user group work :) ------ About This is a meetup for all people working with and interested in Emacs. We want to meet up in a friendly atmosphere to talk about the famous text editor.

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Third Emacs FFM Meetup!

ioki GmbH

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