Worum es bei uns geht

This is a meetup for users and friends of the popular editor and computing environment Emacs! 👾👾👾

Here is the plan:

📝 Sign up for this group

🤔 Think if there would be something you could talk about

🎉 Let me know if you have an idea

⏲ Collect people and ideas...

👋 Let's find a date to meet up!

Prepare to meet up in a friendly atmosphere to talk about everyone's favorite tool!

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First Emacs FFM Meetup!

ioki GmbH

This is a meetup for all people working with and interested in Emacs. We want to meet up in a friendly atmosphere to talk about the famous text editor. For the very first meetup, I would like to start with..... ⚡️ Lightning Talks! Everybody can tell us something for 5 to 10 minutes! Need ideas? How about your... * coolest productivity trick * most-useful custom keybinding * favorite config file * most-loved package * most unknown fun fact about Emacs * or just the way you work in your daily live! This does not have to be a fully fledged talk, just a nice-to-know detail to share with other Emacs users! Show it with slides, live in Emacs or whatever you prefer! Just keep is short and simple! If you have an idea already, let us know in the comments! ---------- Agenda ---------- 0) Welcome + Sandwiches! 🥪 🥪 🥪 1) Lightning Talks! ⚡️ 2) Chitchat/general discussion ------------------------------ You want to learn something about Emacs? Please join us, everyone is welcome! You want to give a talk or teach us something about your learnings with Emacs? Please send a message to the organizers.

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