Flutter Interact Viewing at EyeEm Office


On December 11, let's gather and watch Flutter Interact together at the EyeEm office in Berlin!


15:00 - Doors open
16:00 - Keynote
17:30 - Socialising with food and drinks
18:50 - Live Coding with new DartPad with M. Salih Guler
19:50 - Use Rive and Flutter for dynamic, interactive, & animated experiences
20:20 - Designing for the Web with Flutter

We may also show further sessions in the evening if you are interested: https://developers.google.com/events/flutter-interact/schedule

Doors close: 23:00

Save your seat from the limited seating options.

By visiting the EyeEm office you get the once in a lifetime chance to take a picture in our photo booth.