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Whoop whoop - a warm welcome to the Flutter School meetup!

We are a bunch of mixed people from different backgrounds (Designers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, ...) who love talking about new technologies and how to build a great digital product. You will not only find talks about Flutter itself but also about backend technologies, design, user experience and much, much more.

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Tour de Framework.dart

Vodafone Shop

And we are back after a short summer break! ✌️ Mark November 20th in your calendar and join us on a tour through the framework.dart class, a deep dive on how the Flutter framework works 🤯 Join us for a fun evening and connect with people who are into the latest tech developments around the Flutter ecosystem! As usual, there will also be free drinks 🥤 and snacks 🍕. And for sure some good networking!

Flutter Interact


Save the date for Flutter Interact! Stay tuned for more info regarding the event: https://events.google.com/flutter-interact/

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Summer Fest 🌴


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