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Curious about biohacking, DIY bio, synthetic biology? Forever Alpha is an Experiential Platform for biohacking and P2P learning. For all levels of experience, from the merely curious to the experienced researcher, the Forever Alpha Meetup group aims to build a public community here in Berlin for all those interested in research and practice.

Over the next six months, Schillerpalais project space will host a series of Forever Alpha Meetups with participatory workshops, parties and research presentations. We plan to focus on topics around DIY bio, autonomous care and issues around biometric identification, though proposals for other activities are welcome! These events will support the launch of a public biohackspace open for membership in late 2016.


Biohacking or Do-it-yourself biology (DIY bio) is a growing biotechnological social movement in which individuals, communities, and small organizations, study biology and life science using the similar methods as traditional research institutions in the spirit of self-learning and peer to peer education.

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Machine Copy: A PCR workshop ─ Day 1 & 2


15,00 €
Sunday Soup and Brainstorming


First Forever Alpha Social


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