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Do you have goals in your life that you are struggling with? Your relationship? Your career? Your health? Want to be more happy?

Members of Frankfurt Powerteam are here to support each other in their goals and commitments by having Mastermind sessions and using Tony Robbin's coaching methods to master the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.

If you have knowledge or interest in Anthony Robbins' teachings or adequate skills or stepping up to a higher level, you are welcome to join us. Even if you don't have these skills yet, but you are willing to grow, learn and support, you are also welcome. Please join us for a meeting and see what's possible.

We are charging for our meetings for two reasons:

1 - To cover the cost for the room and refreshments.

2 - more important: To have only members who are committed to supporting others. There are enough other meetups where you can just go and have some chit-chat. That's not what we're about. We are a group of active members, dedicated to supporting each other on a high level. So, if you're commited, join and come to the meetings. If you think everything should be for free, or you don't want to make a commitment, please leave, this is the wrong place.

Cost for the meetings always starts with a low early bird special, then raises step by step until a few days before the meeting = early commitment is rewarded. Senior members (who already attended more than 3 meetings) join for free.


Q: What do we do at the meetings?

A: Every one of us has some goals they'd like to reach but struggle with. This can be personal or professional goals.

Examples of personal goals are: Finding a partner. Improving a relationship. Getting in shape. Loose weight. Eat healthy. Learn a certain skill (language, play an instrument or whatever you are passionate about).

Examples of professional goals are: Starting a new business. Finding a new job. Improve your business etc.

Now, most of us are having trouble reaching our goals, because of different factors, like no knowing how to do it, procrastination and other things that keep us from getting what we want.

What we do at the meetings is creating new ways to reach our goals. We are doing this by Masterminding, working on strategies and making commitments that we can follow-up on.

And of course, since all of us want to improve their health, we make some delicious healthy snacks.

Q: What is Masterminding?

A: Masterminding is a bit like a brainstorming. One person tells about his/her goal he is struggling with. The other persons then give him/her new ideas of how to reach the goal and what actions he/she can do to move forward. These ideas are not edited or censored, so a lot of good stuff will come up.

Later, we work on these ideas and find what could be useful and how to implement it. We also make commitments and give each other the chance to speed-up the process by checking-back on others progress.

Q: Do I have to speak English?

A: Nein, Du kannst auch Deutsch sprechen, das ist kein Problem. Die meisten Teilnehmer sprechen beide Sprachen.

Q: Who is Tony Robbins?

A: Tony Robbins is the top peak performance strategist and professional coach. He has written bestsellers and is giving seminars all over the world to help people improve their lives by teaching strategies. You can see his work at http://www.tonyrobbins.com

Q: Do I have to know Tony Robbins' teachings?

A: No. It will be very helpful if you know his teachings, because you will more easily understand certain methods and strategies. But even if you're new to anything like this: Most important is that you are willing to learn and grow and try new things. Remember: If you do what you've always done, you will get the same result. If you want to change something, you have to change your behavior and try something different.

Q: Why are you charging for the meetings?

A: Because we want to commit to the things we are doing. It is obvious that things that are for free recieve less dedication from people who attend. And dedication is what we need most, otherwise there will be no improvement. Also, most times we have some goodies to pass to everyone, like meal plans, workbooks, smoothies, snacks etc.

Q: Who is Yoda, founder of this group?

A: I am Yoda. I'm a coach, too, and I've learned my skills from Tony Robbins - graduated his Mastery University. You can get more info about me here: http://www.yodacoaching.com

Any other questions? Ask me!

See you at the next meeting!

Yours, Yoda.

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