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This is a group for anyone who is bored with working out indoors and/or alone.

Come join us for an hour outdoor workout that is fun and will get you fit! Fee of 3 CHF is going towards equipment and meet up monthly fee.

This workout is designed to develop all areas of fitness to help you become stronger, fitter, faster, and endure more. It’s perfect for those wanting the most of everything in one session.

60-minute workout where you’ll be on the go right from the start. The programmes are made to hit the right heart rate in order to gain the best calorie burn during and after the workout. Military training strategies are used to get the most out of our members in every session. In addition to building total-body strength you will achieve a lean, balanced body shape.

The fitness class consists of 5 key components; Physical preparation; Strength; Anaerobic capacity, speed, and power; Aerobic capacity; Recovery. This scientific approach means every session delivers maximum impact and results.

We cannot take responsibility for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the sessions. (your insurance will have to cover those) <br>

The workouts, depending on who is leading the program, will be run in either French or English (and in some cases in both languages).

Get those workout shoes on and just show up, we'll bring the motivation and the program, in any weather!! <br>


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